Why Does Yoga Make Me Nauseous?

Why does Yoga make me nauseous? Many new practitioners of Yoga ask this question. Don’t worry; it is a very common feeling. In this article, we explore the reasons behind it. Do you feel nauseous after doing Yoga? Then don’t worry, you are not the only one. Many people have come up with the question, … Read more

Why Can’t Guys Wear Yoga Pants

Why can’t men wear yoga pants in today’s day and age, when everything is moving towards gender neutrality? Let’s talk it out in the open. Our society has a set of rules that no one sets, but most of the population accepts these rules. If someone tries to defy these rules or norms, then society … Read more

How Long After Eating To Do Yoga?

Our readers often ask us how long after eating to do yoga should I wait? In this article, we will talk about this in detail. I have heard people saying that you cannot run or swim with a full stomach; otherwise, you will suffer from cramps. What about yoga? Yoga involves many strenuous exercises, twisting … Read more

How Many Calories Does DDP Yoga Burn?

Meta: How Many Calories Does DDP Yoga Burn? On average, you can burn 180 to 460 calories with one session of DDP Yoga. This depends on several factors. Read on to know more. DDP yoga is one of the best ways to work out, including stretching and some rehabilitation techniques, and cardio. While performing DDP … Read more