Can You Do Yoga On A Carpet?

Can you do yoga on a carpet? This is a question that a lot of people ask since carpeted flooring is available in many homes, and yoga mats can seem like an unnecessary expense. Let’s figure out.

Unlike other fitness activities, yoga can be easily done at home. Since there are many benefits of Yoga, it has become part and parcel of the daily routine for many. 

Many houses in the US have tiled flooring or hardwood floors, but in this modern world, most people prefer carpet flooring. When it comes to doing yoga at home, a lot of people ask: Can you do Yoga on the carpet? But in reality, this is not a feasible option. 

There are many difficulties in doing yoga on a carpet. Carpets reduce your resistance power and make it challenging to perform yoga when you compare them to other surfaces like yoga mats or hardwood flooring. 

In this article, we will talk about: 

  • Whether you could do yoga on the carpet or not? 
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of doing yoga on a carpet? 
  • Can you combine carpets and yoga mats?
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Can You Do Yoga On A Carpet?

As we said above, doing yoga on carpet comes with issues. We discuss a few characteristics that you would need to keep in mind while doing yoga on a carpet.


As per yoga enthusiasts and yoga teachers, yoga must be done on a surface that provides sufficient resistance and friction. Yoga mats and hardwood floors offer this kind of sturdiness, whereas carpets do not.


Carpets are uneven and do not offer stability to the body while performing asanas, whereas hardwood floors with yoga mats provide excellent balance and help a person maintain their stability. 

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Type of Carpet

Your decision also depends on the type of carpet you have in your home: is your carpet thin or is it a thick furry rug? Short fiber and light pad carpets are usually fine for yoga, while fluffy and high pile carpets do not provide the support and stability you need for performing yoga. 

Your Knowledge of Yoga

Another aspect of doing yoga on the carpet is how well you know your asanas and your level of expertise in doing yoga. Advanced yoga practitioners know how to maintain their balance and stability, irrespective of the surface, whereas beginner level practitioner might not know the proper technique of holding their yoga postures. 

Can You Do Yoga On Carpet
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Pros of Doing Yoga on Carpet


The primary benefit of doing yoga on the carpet is it offers excellent cushioning to the body. As carpets are soft padded, they tend to be more comfortable, and with a great cushioning pressure on joints reduces. Carpets have more cushioning than yoga mats and hardwood floors. Doing yoga on carpet puts less pressure on the wrist and other joints. 

Temperature Control

Hardwood floors are usually colder in winters, so if you do not have a yoga mat, then it won’t be very comfortable to perform yoga on hardwood floors. In that case, carpets would serve your purpose well. Carpets give you a warmer feel and are more comfortable while doing yoga in colder months, especially if they are the only alternative you have. 

Make You Work Harder

Doing Yoga on carpets is much more complicated than doing it on hardwood floors. However, carpets offer less traction than a mat or a hard floor, causing your muscles to work harder and thus helping you build more strength.

Can You Do Yoga On Carpet
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Bigger Space

A yoga mat has a specific shape that limits the practice, whereas carpets give you more freedom in terms of space and allow you to play with your body movements freely. Carpets offers you enough space to perform yoga asana freely and comfortably. 

Improves Balance

Doing Yoga on the carpet is challenging, and it results in improving the balance of the body. It helps you advance your practice. In short, if you can perform yoga on the carpet, you can do it almost anywhere without any hassle. 

Back Rest

A soft carpet fabric gives your back a good rest after doing deep stretches. 

Can You Do Yoga On Carpet
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You Already Have It At Home!

More often that not, you would have a carpet at home where you can do yoga, whereas a yoga mat is an extra expenditure. If you are not sure whether you will be doing yoga full time, you may not want to invest money in buying a yoga mat.

Cons of Doing Yoga on A Carpet

We have gone through all benefits of performing yoga on a carpet, now let us discuss some of its drawbacks: 

Lack Of Support

The major drawback of using carpet for doing yoga is lack of support. It is hard to do balancing yoga postures on a carpet as you don’t get enough support to hold your postures. This makes it hard to not only hold a particular posture but also to move from one asana to the other. In more extreme cases, this could also lead to injuries. For example, as you move from Mountain Pose to Chair Pose to Tree Pose (Tadasana-Utkatasana-Vrikshasana flow), if the carpet doesn’t provide enough support, you are likely to go off balance and slip.

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Rashes and Friction Burns

Depending on the surface of the carpet, you are likely to get rashes on your legs and arms. You might irritate your skin as you would brush against the surface of the carpet while performing different yoga asanas. For example while doing Surya Namaskara (or Sun Salutation) you would perform a series of asanas where your arms and legs would graze the carpet repeatedly and could lead to friction burns, especially if your carpet is rough.

Uneven Surface

Since carpets are uneven, you might not feel very comfortable while practicing yoga. A bump or a rough spot might disturb the flow of your practice. For instance, while balancing your body in Kakasana or Crow Pose, if a bump comes under your hands, where the weight of your body is concentrated, you might get distracted and might not be able to perform the asana the well.


Carpets tend to be dirty as they are used 24/7 and are more exposed to dirt than any other surface. Since yoga is performed close to the ground, you might not like it when you see some crumbs of food or other tiny things stuck on the carpet. Also, you will end up breathing the same dirt when you face is closer to the carpet in postures such as Ashtangasana (Eight Limbed Pose) or Baddha Konasana (Cobbler Pose).

Not Easy To Clean 

While doing Yoga daily on the carpet, your sweat or moisture easily gets absorbed by the carpet’s material, so you would be required to clean the carpet regularly for performing yoga on it. This might become a big hassle. On the other hand, cleaning a yoga mat is quite simple.  

Wear & Tear

If you daily practice Yoga on the same spot on the carpet, it may damage your carpet and reduce its life. 

Can You Do Yoga On Carpet
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Yoga Mat And Carpet Combination 

For the ones who have carpeted flooring, you might be wondering if you could use a yoga mat on the carpet. The answer is yes, yoga mats work great on the carpet as they helps in circumventing the cons of practicing yoga on a carpet. 

However, you would need to ensure that you use the right type of yoga mat for your carpeted flooring. This is because there may be a lot of variation in the type of carpets that you have, and for each type of carpet, you might need to use a different type of yoga mat.

Below are a few factors that you must consider while purchasing a yoga mat for your carpet: 


Yoga mats can easily move or slide on your carpet, so you would need to get a yoga mat that has a great grip and does not slide around on your carpet. This is an important point and would be important for all forms of yoga, whether you are doing Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga or Power Yoga.

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You would also need to pick up a yoga mat that is made of good quality material and does not easily gather on the carpet. A PVC yoga mat is likely to not help your purpose. Yoga mats made of natural material like rubber or cork would be very effective.


While buying a yoga mat for your carpet, keep in mind the thickness of the yoga mat. If your carpet is already quite thick, you might not need a very thick yoga mat, as the carpet itself would provide sufficient cushioning. However, it is more likely that a thin yoga mat will gather as you practice yoga on it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need a yoga mat if I have a carpet? 

It is beneficial to have a yoga mat even when you have a carpet. This would provide you better grip and balance while doing different poses of yoga and would ensure that you practice yoga in a hygienic way.

Can You Do Yoga On Carpet
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How do you stabilize a yoga mat on the carpet? 

To stabilize your yoga mat on the carpet, you need to buy a yoga mat with an excellent traction. Also make sure that the material and thickness of the yoga mat complement your carpet.

Can you do Yoga without a mat? 

It depends; if you are just starting out with yoga, getting a yoga mat to properly balance your body is advisable. But if you are an expert, you should be able to perform yoga anywhere. 

Is it bad to do Yoga on the floor?

It depends on what kind of yoga you are practicing and whether you need a padded surface or not. However, it is not advisable to do yoga on the floor as you could be putting unnecessary pressure on your joints and might irritate your skin with friction burns. 

Can You Do Yoga On Carpet
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Wrap Up

Can you do Yoga on a carpet? The simple answer to this question is yes. But if you are going to practice yoga often, especially if you are a beginner, it would be better to get a yoga mat. You could use the yoga mat on your hardwood floor or even on your carpet. A yoga mat is easy to clean and serves the purpose for which it is designed – to support and enhance your yoga practice.

Enjoy your yoga practice!