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“We can begin by doing small things at the local level. That is how change takes place in living systems, not from above but from within, from many local actions occurring simultaneously.”

– Grace Lee Boggs

Come experience deep peace, vibrant joy, and radiant interconnectedness.

We empower people to have daily and consistent passion to care for self, other and the environment through loving awareness (rather than fear guilt and shame) through yoga in beautiful natural spaces and integrating yoga practices deeper through yoga coaching.


A letter from Ellen, Program Director and Wild Vision Holder 😀

When I started practicing my yoga outside, I did not know it would totally change my life.

Really, all you have to do is come to class…

This is what happened:

I started to practice my own yoga outside in Acadia National Park after my teacher training in 2009.

– a beloved place I had grown up hiking and playing in –

And I fell in love in a whole new way.

 I began to feel resonance with the earth: I felt an undercurrent of resource, richness and love regardless of external circumstances.

How does this all happen through Yoga in Your Park?

Simple awareness.

I saw and now see the ways I was out of alignment with my values – without the typical shame, self criticism and feelings of overwhelm that I usually associate with green guilt. I can rest in the choices I make.

This love is cultivated through felt sense connection. When we say, “feel how the earth supports you” we mean literally.  A sense of wealth and richness arises through witnessing the miracle of what is happening all around us. At Yoga in Your Park we learn that to appreciate means to attend to what is around you with that loving awareness cultivated within. It has been my experience that I can feel intricately connected one day, and I wake up feeling scared and lonely another. Outdoor yoga practice roots you daily in this love, strengthening your ability to rest in luxury, and peaceful abiding.

We create a platform for the most passionate earth loving yogis of your local area to bring what they love to do directly to you…

As I am writing this, it has only been 3.5 months since I decided to open my seed of an idea to the national stage. We now have nearly 100 people committed to the vision of transformation through the simple practice of outdoor yoga. Come see what can happen for you.

You are enormously powerful.

Remember that with Yoga in Your Park.

You are a droplet in the movement of this coming wave; you are full of dynamic potential actualizing in every moment. Take your eyes off of the next disaster, place your attention on your felt sense experience, and remember your love.

Go outside. Feel your feet on the earth, notice the sun, the clouds that make you grateful for it, and take a deep breath.

It will change the world.

In love,


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          Yoga in your Park is a program of Children Families & Communities is a tax exempt, 501-c3 non-profit organization.

Our call is to integrity. We are creating a yoga program and we are insanely committed to creating the world we want to call ours:

We are paying our yoga teachers well, we are enjoying human creations, we are staying awake and aware to how our actions impact this earth. Your membership, drop-ins and donations all go towards this end. We love you.

“There are moments in one’s life that appear at first to be a bit unplanned , spontaneous, where one is pulled to something quite out of the ordinary  and out of one’s comfort zone . Yet days, sometimes months, even years later, one finds that moment  to be a transformational  point in one’s life . A few  summers ago I had traveled across the country to  visit some dear  relatives who had been vacationing in Maine. At that point I had been newer in my yoga practice , was a bit shy and even a bit self conscious , yet I was drawn to try a class that I had seen advertised about a sunset yoga class on top of Cadillac Mountain. That decision to take that class was a pivotal point in my life, watching the sunset as I practiced yoga atop a beautiful mountain in one of our nation’s magnificent national parks changed my life’s path forever .”


– Macy Ratliff Student, & Now Teacher, for Yoga in Your Park

Where will this journey take you?