Yoga in Your Park is a new way to have fun in parks and natural spaces – It’s time to get out and enjoy your life.


Regular yoga practice in nature gets your emotions balanced while keeping your stress levels down, connecting you to something literally bigger than yourself (spirit/ nature), and keeping your body fit.

Overall, Yoga in Your Park enhances your sense of wellbeing making you feel inspired and uplifted.


Imagine standing on top of Cadillac mountain after sunset yoga class. The sky brilliant orange and pink, your love’s arm is wrapped around your waist and the wind is tousling your hair while the oncoming night air cools the heat your body generated during yoga your class. Gazing at the horizon you have never felt more at peace, invigorated, and alive than you feel in this moment.

This is Yoga in Your Park. 


Yoga in Your Park is your premier non-profit yoga studio hosting classes in natural spaces across the USA, Canada… and more.


“Go outside.

Feel your feet on the earth, notice the sun, the clouds that make you grateful for it, and take a deep breath.

It will change the world.”

– Ellen Sevigny 

Yoga in Your Park is a program of Children, Families & Communities