It is our mission to be an elegant tool that realigns and empowers you to open to your own creative power through fun, affordable, and professionally led yoga classes.

 We inspire humanity to honor our planet as inseparable from human being so that we can be healthy in body, spirit, mind, and habitat.


We know that it’s your local teachers who will touch and move you.

We are here for them too.


How Yoga in Your Park Works

1. Select Your Class

2. You will be prompted to login

3. You will be prompted to purchase class credits at $15 for drop in, $120 for 10 pack, and $200 for 20 pack

4. Reserve

5. Hit Get Directions – Attend and Enjoy!



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Regular yoga practice in nature gets your emotions and physiology balanced while keeping your stress levels down, connecting you to something literally bigger than yourself (spirit/ nature) and your community, and keeping your body fit.

Overall, Yoga in Your Park enhances your sense of wellbeing making you feel inspired and uplifted.


Imagine looking skyward after a sunset yoga class in your favorite park or open space. The clouds are brilliant orange and pink. A breeze is rustling your hair as the evening air cools the warmth your body has generated during your expertly-led yoga routine. Gazing inward, you have never felt more at peace, invigorated and connected to the natural world than you feel at this moment.

This is Yoga in Your Park. 


Yoga in Your Park is your premier social enterprise hosting classes in natural spaces across the USA, Canada, Australia… and more!


“Go outside.

Feel your feet on the earth, notice the sun, the clouds that make you grateful for it, and take a deep breath.

It will change the world.”

– Ellen Sevigny 

Yoga in Your Park is a program of Children, Families & Communities