How To Build An Outdoor Yoga Platform?

Here’s a quick and easy guide for you to build an outside yoga deck to enhance your daily practice.

Practicing the art of yoga outside your house is quite magical and healing for one’s mind, body, and soul. However, to practice yoga in your garden or backyard, you will need to build an outdoor yoga platform, also known as a yoga deck.

So, how to build an outdoor yoga platform? Well, you can either unleash your inner creative artist or find inspiration from other people, and this guide will help you with a few outdoor yoga deck ideas!

Yoga Platform Outdoor
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What Is a Yoga Platform?

A yoga platform or yoga deck is a beautiful piece of wood that can be fitted on the patio, in a garden, or in your house’s backyard. An outdoor yoga deck is built exclusively to deepen one’s yoga practice while soaking in the lushness of nature. 

It can also be challenging to keep the outside area clear of weeds and insects all the time, and thus, a raised platform helps in practicing yoga outside.

The best material to build an outdoor yoga platform

It is recommended to go for a wooden structure for building a yoga deck outdoors, over any other material. Apart from wood-decking, one can use either a wood-composite or an all-plastic decking.

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The average cost of building an outdoor yoga platform

The first and foremost thing to learn about building an outdoor yoga platform is to know the average cost of the deck and your budget!

According to the Home guide, the material cost for an entry-level deck in the US is about $15 per square foot. Thus, most people spend an average of $5000 to $8000 for deck framing and installation.

Even so, the cost of building a yoga platform outdoors will always vary from another due to the difference in the quality of materials and fittings used in their setting. 

Outdoor Yoga Deck Ideas
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How To Build an Outdoor Yoga Platform?

When it comes to building an outdoor yoga platform, you must plan everything starting from the deck’s area, material, and size. This pre-construction planning can start from gaining a deck construction overview via information available on the internet.

Next thing to do is learn about deck location, footing depth, handrail needs, import permits, and any other rules needed to govern the deck’s building. Once you are through with all these challenges, you can follow the below instructions to build an outdoor yoga platform –

  • Gather the tools needed to use in the construction of the deck. Screwdrivers, drilling machines, pliers, pencils, measuring tapes, wrenches, etc., are examples of the same.
  • Purchase a good quality of timber/wood to build a strong structure for the deck. It is recommended to go for pressure-treated timber since it is solid, lightweight, and easy to handle. It also promises long-term maintenance at the lowest upfront cost.
  • Many people also use wood-composite or plastic decking for the platform though our experts do not recommend the same.
  • Finally, decide on the design and measurement of the deck. It is advisable to use a measuring tape and mark the measurements on the wooden board before cutting them into planks.
  • Once the measurements are decided and marked, place two wooden planks against the platform and clamp them together with the help of a drill and screws. The step planks can be nailed at both ends afterward.
  • Remember to install a perimeter frame to hide the fasteners and footings before covering the rim joists with a fascia that matches the color of the decking.

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How to make an outdoor yoga space?

A personalized yoga space is key to deepening one’s practice. Thus, it is essential to know precisely what you want when building your yoga platform.

To make an outdoor yoga space, choose the corner you are drawn to, declutter the area surrounding it, and make sure that the ground is level and stable enough to build a deck.  

Since yoga is the union of the human mind with the collective consciousness, it would be great to have a broad and open space with fantastic views of the clear sky and a touch of fresh breeze. So, keep your outdoor yoga space as natural as it can be. Keep your favorite plants and flowers close, if you want.

Outdoor yoga platform DIY
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How do you make a wooden platform?

Wood remains to be the classiest and most in-demand material to build an outside deck or platform. Pressure-treated wood is the best option to create a platform. Below are the main steps to make a wooden platform.

  • Plan the size, shape, and design of the platform and consider getting a detailed drawing of your idea.
  • Dig holes for posts, lay down the foundation of the deck and mark the location of footings. Dig below the frost line, or according to the local code of your area.
  • Add tubing forms in the holes to raise the deck at least 1-inch above ground level. Backfill the holes after tubing and try to hold the soil two-three times.
  • Pour the concrete in the tubing forms, then place a post anchor bolt in the middle of each footer that will give some time for the cement to dry. Set post bases over the anchor once the concrete has cured.
  • You can either add posts or beams on the post base. Use hardware nails or screws to attach either of them to the bottom.
  • Once you are done, check the alignment to be sure of the shape, which, in most cases, is square.
  • Now will be the time to work on the deck, which begins with attaching the rim joist to the posts to create the board’s perimeter. It is advisable to use galvanized lag bolts to secure the rim joist.
  • Continue attaching the joists to the beams before installing the board.
  • Install the board and continue the process until all panels are added. Ensure that the decking board is installed perpendicular to the joists and use 1/8-inch between each deck board. You can also ask an expert about the same.
  • Use two fasteners per board to hold the same. Make sure that they drive through each panel and into the center of every joist to maintain the alignment part.
  • Once the boards are aligned, you can trim the ends. Start cutting 1 inch (approximately) at every corner. Once done, use a router (120-grit sandpaper recommended) to ease the edges.
How To Build An Outdoor Yoga Platform
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What should be the size of a yoga platform?

The standard size of a yoga mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide. Make sure your yoga platform is big enough to fit at least one yoga mat. However, a yoga platform can be of any shape and size.

Since building a yoga platform takes time and effort and lasts for many seasons, you can expand it a bit. Thus, the size of a yoga platform solely depends on your choice.

Anyone Can Build an Outdoor Yoga Platform

So, all you yoga enthusiasts, what are you waiting for? Now that you have learned the art of building a DIY outdoor yoga platform, it’s time you get ready with those screwdrivers, planks, and drills to set out and bring life to your beautiful yoga deck.

Enjoy your yoga!