How Old Is Sarah Starr From Happy Yoga? Unlock The Mystery Of Sarah’s Age!

Sarah Starr is the famous creator of Happy Yoga, adored by millions around the world. How old is Sarah Starr from Happy Yoga? We get this question a lot. Let’s find out.

Yoga connects both mind and body. It helps in managing stress, relaxing your body, and aids in curing various diseases. Yoga involves a lot of asanas, breathing exercises, pranayama, and meditation. 

So, it can be challenging for beginners. If someone is new to the exercise and cannot afford to attend yoga class, then I would suggest watching various programs or DVDs of Sarah Starr.

She is considered one of the best certified yoga instructors and teaches Yoga to people in a unique and simple way by featuring locales from mother nature. 

Sarah uses chairs while doing Yoga, and people of any age can do these types of yogic exercises. It doesn’t matter if you are obese or ill; you can do modern Yoga with the chair as a supportive structure. That is why she is famous as a good instructor.

Gentle Seated Chair Yoga

How Old Is Sarah Starr From Happy Yoga?

As per her own words, she started her Ashtaranga based practice in 1998, when she was 37 years old, which means that she must have been born in 1961, which would mean that she is 60 years old today in 2021. 

This is very surprising for most people since she does not look this old at all. A life devoted to Yoga and sharing Yogic practices has helped her maintain an ageless glow on her face.

How Did Sarah Starr Start Making Yoga DVDs?

Sarah Starr did not start her career as a yoga instructor. She had been managing a salon for 20 years when, at the age of 37, her husband and students motivated her to quit the job and teach full-time Yoga. 

She made her first yoga DVD and met every town producer to convince them to buy the DVD. The content in those DVDs was so good that every producer liked it. 

Later she moved another step and became the star of her own television program, which made her famous all over the globe.

How Old Is Sarah Starr From Happy Yoga

Happy Yoga With Sarah Starr

Sarah Starr is the co-producer and host of the internationally famous Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr. She shares classes like Power of now and Breathing peace with millions of people around the world. 

People of all ages love to watch and learn Yoga from her DVDs, TV program, and YouTube channel. They are able to get the benefits of Yoga through the simple and easy-to-do exercise suggested by Sarah Starr. 

The yogic exercises relax the mind and body of people, boost fitness as well as flexibility. She guides viewers through a fun and accessible routine. 

Her most unique feature is that she does yogic exercises with a chair and not a yoga mat which makes it easy for people who are infirm, ill, and obese. She encourages the viewers to relax and smile. As per Sarah Starr, “if someone is not happy or not having fun with others, then they are not doing yoga!”

Sarah also conducts various workshops and live sessions and, in those sessions, she gives yoga DVDs and meditation CDs to people. You will find numerous videos on YouTube of Sarah Starr. You can see those videos and learn various yoga postures to benefit your body and mind.

Types Of Yoga Covered By Sarah Starr

#1. Gentle Chair Yoga

You can do gentle chair yoga irrespective of body shape, ailments, mobility problems, or injury. All you need to start Yoga is a chair. It is a modern version of Yoga, and you will surely get a lot of benefits from Yoga without getting out of your chair.

Most of the seated yoga exercises will help you in strengthening muscles all over your body. So you will indeed feel better within fewer days.

Gentle Seated Chair Yoga

#2. Mastering Balance

The seating and standing yoga posture with the help of a chair strengthens your core muscles and helps in balancing your body.

The seating exercises help to increase flexibility and mobility in the upper part of your body, while the standing exercises create movement on the lower portion of your body. 

Thus, overall the standing and sitting postures help in building both strength and balance of your body.

Chair Yoga | Mastering Balance | Happy Yoga On Demand

#3. Breathing And Meditation Exercises

The breathing and meditation exercises help in instantly releasing stress. They also help in improving your digestion and sharpening your memory. Each of the exercises is shown in a slow, step-by-step way by Sarah Starr with instruction. You have to follow her instructions and try it at home.

These exercises are not all difficult, and you can do them anywhere and anytime you like. But you need to be calm and don’t distract your mind anywhere while performing such exercises.

Nowadays, everyone is leading stressful lives. 

The breathing exercises will not solve all of your problems, but they will indeed reduce the impact of stress on your health. These exercises do not require any specific equipment, or you don’t have to spend a penny for it. You have to devote some time to breathing and meditation exercises.

Breathing Technique | Square Breath Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr

Some Yoga Postures By Sarah Starr

Let me discuss with you some yoga postures suggested by Sarah Starr below.

Boat Pose

The boat pose helps in strengthening the organs of the abdomen, spinal cord, and aids in digestion. In order to do the Boat Pose, you have to first sit straight on a chair while clasping hands and then draw the navel back to the spine. Then, start lifting your right leg and hold for some time, and release and try with your opposite leg.

Once you become a master in this, you can go to a higher-level boat pose. You need to clasp your hands on the chair and lift your legs. Try to be in a boat pose for one to two minutes. Remember, while doing this pose, lift your chest by keeping the spinal cord straight.

How Old Is Sarah Starr From Happy Yoga

Figure Four Stretch

The Figure Four Stretch is very easy to do, and it increases the mobility and flexibility in your hips and lower back.

You have to lie on your yoga mat with your back straight. Now cross the right ankle of your leg on the left thigh. 

Then interlock the fingers below the left knee and draw the left leg toward you. You have to hold this pose for five breaths and then release it. Repeat the pose on the other side of your leg.

How Old Is Sarah Starr From Happy Yoga

Sarah Starr Doesn’t Look Her Age, But Our Research Says She Must Be Over 60 Years Old.

Sarah Starr is a well-known yoga instructor. She travels all over the world and mainly has beautiful and tranquil locations to shoot her yoga programs. So, the beauty of nature highlights in most of her yoga programs.

There are various YouTube series and 365 audio files of various yoga programs by Sarah Starr. You can choose the yoga program accordingly.

I hope you liked this article and got to know more about your favorite yoga instructor Sarah Starr and her programs. Please don’t forget to share your queries and suggestions in the comments section below.