How Many Calories Does Kundalini Yoga Burn

How many calories does Kundalini Yoga burn? This question is a bit of a misnomer because Kundalini yoga is a lot more than just the physical act of performing exercises. Let’s understand this in more detail.

We human beings are highly negligent when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Despite wasting time on numerous unnecessary tasks, we tend to avoid self-care. 

While stomping down the stairs of life and going through up and down, we forget that we need to be a priority for ourselves. Encompassing some physical exercise or something that would enhance our mind is indispensable to include it into our daily routine.  

How Many Calories Does Kundalini Yoga Burn

Today we are going to discuss kundalini yoga and its many benefits. We always ponder over the thought that we need to take care of ourselves. Yoga is taking massive strides in becoming one of the most popular ways to keep ourselves healthy. Many celebrities and ones in the film industry are ardent about doing yoga regularly.   

What is yoga, and where did it originate? 

Yoga includes exercises for the overall body. While doing these exercises, we need to have control over our breath, mainly inhaling and exhaling.

It is believed that yoga tends to retain flexibility in our bodies. Unsurprisingly, this beautiful form of exercising originated in India. It is believed that yoga is a remarkable gift to the entire world from India.  

Who can do yoga? 

Yoga is not like a high-intensity workout or strength training. It is known to be remarkably effective, and due to this, we can get rid of chronic disorders and even reverse them.

Almost every person can include yoga in their life. If we sustain it for a more extended period in our daily routine, then it would become highly advantageous in the long run.  

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Is yoga effective for weight loss? 

Here comes one of the biggest questions of all time. Is yoga effective in losing weight? Can we reduce excessive fat from our body and get in shape after including yoga daily in our life? 

Well, the answer is yes. You can lose weight by doing yoga regularly and retaining proper nutrition. It is effective along with being affordable. There are multiple types of yoga, along with their numerous benefits. 

For example, Vinyasa yoga will burn nearly 650 calories per hour for a typical male aged 35 years old of medium build.

Hot Yoga, another popular form of flow yoga that is done typically in a hot room which induces a lot of sweat and involves vigorous movements, will burn about 550 calories for the same person.

On the other hand, Hatha yoga, which is a milder form of yoga, will only burn about half as many calories for a person of the same build and age.

Let’s look at what kundalini yoga is and what help we can seek after including it.  

What is kundalini yoga? 

Kundalini yoga is one of the multiple forms of yoga. People believe that kundalini yoga is more beneficial in losing weight and sustaining weight loss. Kundalini yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Kundal. Kundal means loop or circle. 

Kundalini yoga is known to increase and amplify our energy which is hidden in our spine. In kundalini yoga, we perform exercises and practice chants, spiritual mantras, and breathing techniques which lead to an overall improvement of our physical as well as spiritual well-being, unlike other forms of yoga, which are purely physical in nature.  

How Many Calories Does Kundalini Yoga Burn

What are the benefits of kundalini yoga? 

Elevates your intellectual activity:  

Reasoning, remembering, and having rational thoughts about something are a significant part of intellectual activity. Kundalini yoga is known to enlighten your spiritual energy. Kundalini yoga helps you keep your mind calm, and you conquer your ego and anger.

When you don’t cringe over small things, you tend to believe more in substantial knowledge. It elevates your personality and helps you become the best version of yourself.  

Helps you gain inner peace: 

Peace is known to be one of the most crucial aspects of life. Many times we get triggered and lose our temper. Being peaceful and working hard for something will help you be successful too.  

Well, this destroys our inner peace, and we aren’t able to cope with any of the tasks we have decided to accomplish. 

Don’t sweat it because whatever the situation is, you can overcome it by doing kundalini yoga. It will help you remain calm, doesn’t matter what situation you are in.  

How Many Calories Does Kundalini Yoga Burn?

This question is a bit of a misnomer. Kundalini yoga does not place stress on the physical part of yoga. Instead, it focuses on the overall improvement of your Kundalini Chakras, which elevates your spiritual self, including your mind, body, and soul.

To measure pure calorie burn count for Kundalini yoga will be a gross injustice to the overall health benefit that this form of yoga provides. However, for the sake of a pure answer, a Kundalini yoga session would burn approximately 200 calories for our middle-aged, average build man that we talked about earlier.

How Many Calories Does Kundalini Yoga Burn

Answers To Other Questions About Kundalini Yoga

Is kundalini yoga a good workout? 

Yes, kundalini yoga is a good workout and results in weight loss. It implements chanting, singing along with breathing techniques and multiple exercise positions. With the help of Kundalini yoga, you will notice gradual changes in your body, and it results in a good and effective workout.

So make sure that you include kundalini yoga in your daily routine. It would enhance your spiritual energy along with keep you fit mentally and physically.  

What type of yoga burns the most calories?  

Every form of yoga has its crucial benefit by implementing yoga in our daily life. It will add more value to what we are. Moreover, it will magnify the quality of your existence. When it comes to losing more calories, vinyasa yoga is the right choice. 

We lose nearly 650 calories per hour after doing vinyasa yoga because it consists of frequent movements which result in an intense workout. You tend to lose more calories in comparison to any other form of yoga. It will help you build cardiovascular strength and boost your stamina. 

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How many calories do you burn doing yoga? 

The number of calories lost depends upon multiple factors. The most prominent ones are the duration of doing yoga. The number of calories lost might vary if you are a male or female. Yoga consists of multiple forms. 

The form is also known to be an essential aspect while losing calories. A person might lose from 170 to 650 calories depending upon the intensity and individual efforts.  

How Many Calories Does Kundalini Yoga Burn

Kundalini Yoga Focuses On All Round Well Being, Not Pure Calorie Decrease

Obesity has become a significant cause of concern in today’s generation. Staying fit and in shape is quite essential. A sedentary Lifestyle contributes majorly to our life. All that we need to do is understand that our health is a priority and not an option. 

Kundalini yoga will enhance your flexibility and help you retain weight loss for longer. You can lose weight and stay fit by maintaining this in your lifestyle. 

If you or someone who wants to get rid of excess weight can go through this article, it will benefit you. We hope this article was able to give you all the knowledge and understanding that you need in order to pursue Kundalini yoga for your health and mental well-being.

Happy Yoga!