How Many Calories Do You Burn In Yoga Sculpt?

Regular Yoga sculpt classes will burn calories and make you physically and mentally fit. Let’s find out how many calories do you burn in Yoga sculpt? 

I had never viewed Yoga as a workout to lose excess fat in my body. I thought yoga exercises were just meant for toning and strengthening muscles. They will keep your mind and body together and calm, but they are not meant for losing weight.

But one day, I came to know about Yoga Sculpt Classes. They are different from regular Yoga. Yoga sculpt classes combine vinyasa flow yoga, lifting weight, and cardio bursts. 

These classes usually last for 60 minutes, and in that time, if you are doing biceps curls or burpees one minute, then the other minute, you will be bowing down your head or doing some different yoga posture. Yoga Sculpt classes are the perfect blend of mind and body.

Ever since then, I have become a fan of Yoga Sculpt. However, some of my friends were a bit skeptical: does this new fangled form of Yoga really burn calories, or is it just another fad?

Yoga Sculpt 30 Minutes with Amy O

How Many Calories Does Yoga Sculpt Burn?

According to research done by Harvard Medical school, an average person will burn 240-350 calories in half an hour if he goes for Yoga sculpt classes and exercises.

The caveat here is that burning calories also depends on your current weight and your effort while doing various yoga postures. The below table will help you determine the calories you may burn if you practice for 30,45 and 60 minutes.

Weight(pounds)30 minutes45 minutes60 minutes

From the above table, you can conclude that the one which is lighter will burn fewer calories, and one that is heavy will burn more calories in Yoga sculpt classes. This is so because a heavy person spends more energy while doing the exercises in Yoga sculpt classes.

Advantages Of Yoga Sculpt Class

People go to the gym to reduce their body weight. But I will advise them to go to Yoga sculpt classes instead. You will surely burn a high amount of calories within less time as well as get mental benefits. 

Many of the poses in Yoga Sculpt have the added feature of holding weights in your hand, which is a great cardiovascular workout to add to the toning and mental health benefits of normal Yoga.

I can see the transformation in my own body after attending yoga sculpt classes for just a month. Let me tell you the advantages of going to a yoga sculpt class that I have felt myself.

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#1. Regulates Your Blood Sugar

If you have diabetes, then you will surely benefit from Yoga sculpt. The added cardio exercises in Yoga Sculpt will help boost the health of your heart and maintain your blood sugar level.

#2. Increase Bone density

Lifting weight while doing Yoga is not limited to muscle strengthening. It will also strengthen the bones and prevent them from breaking as you grow old. You may not think so much about breaking bones when you are young, but they are pretty important when you grow old.

#3. Strengthen Muscles

The push-up, triceps or squats, and lifting weights will surely add strength to the muscles of your body.

30-Minute YOGA SCULPT | Full Body Workout (Weights Optional)

#4. Boosts The Health Of Your Heart

Cardio exercises are best for improving the health of your heart. You are strengthening the muscles of your heart by increasing the heart rate.

A strong heart with an excellent cardiovascular system will prevent heart strokes and various heart diseases.

#5. Promotes Happiness

We are all leading a sedentary lifestyle today. Doing regular work out in a busy schedule will have a significant impact on the health of your mind. Your body will release endorphins which will make you happy and release the stress level.

How Should I Prepare For Yoga Sculpt Classes?

You need to drink a lot of water before coming to Yoga sculpt classes. The yoga instructor takes the Yoga sculpt class in a heated room. Secondly, you have to lift weights while doing various yoga postures, so you will likely sweat a lot. 

No doubt, sweating will remove the toxins from your body, but you may also feel dehydrated. So, bring extra water while coming to class. 

You can bring a towel to wipe the sweat from your head and eyebrows. After thirty minutes of your sculpt class, try to take protein-rich food like yogurt, peanut butter, or banana. 

Protein is quite essential for building muscles in your body. You can also combine protein with a bit of carbohydrate for the best results.

How Often Should You Take Yoga Sculpt Classes?

It’s best to go to Yoga sculpt classes 3-4 times a week. Your body needs some time to recover because you are rebuilding muscles that you may not have used in a very long time.

60 Minute Total Body Yoga Sculpt with Kaylie Daniels // Power Sculpt Barre Cardio HIIT Pilates //

How To Choose the Right Weight For Yoga Sculpt Classes?

You can have a good workout without lifting weight. But if you choose to lift weights, then first use a lighter weight to warm up your body and use heavier weights to work on your body’s bigger muscles. 

You can challenge yourself to become fit and fine but do not overstress yourself. Remember, there is no competition; you have to work out at your own pace. Don’t lift any unnecessarily heavy weight because it may injure you badly.

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When Should You Go For Yoga Sculpt Classes?

Whenever you are ready to accept any extra physical challenge, you can go for a Yoga Sculpt class. In Yoga sculpt, you need to do Yoga as well as lift weight and do cardio exercises. So, in short, I will say you have to work hard to burn calories. 

At the end of the Yoga Sculpt class, you will be drenched in sweat, but believe me, you will feel great. Your body will feel relaxed, and the exercises you do at Yoga Sculpt classes have immense health benefits. 

Your heart will remain healthy, and you will have lesser chances of strokes or any heart-related ailment.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How many calories do you burn in Yoga sculpt core power?

An average person will burn 240-350 calories in Yoga Sculpt class within 30 minutes. However, burning calories also depends on the weight of the person. If a person is heavy, they will burn more calories than if they are lighter.

#2. Does Yoga sculpt help you lose weight?

You will burn calories when you go for Yoga sculpt classes. So burning extra fat will certainly make you lose weight, as long as you keep your diet under control as well.

#3. Is core power yoga sculpt a good workout?

Yes, it is a good workout. It combines traditional Yoga along with cardio exercise and weight lifting. So, you will have a full-body workout.

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Wrap Up

Many people think that going to yoga classes is just a waste of time and money. But a yoga sculpt class will surely prove the naysayers wrong. 

The added weight training while doing yoga exercises will be the strenuous workout that they always wanted. They can see the transformation in their body after going to Yoga Sculpt class for a few months.

Yoga sculpt class is the perfect form of exercise for people of all ages. You need to be mentally prepared that you have to work out in those classes to fit in both physically and mentally.

I hope you liked my article and please don’t forget to share your suggestion with me in the comment section.

Happy Yoga!