How to Carry A Yoga Mat on A Bike: 3 Methods To Easily Ride With Your Yoga Mat

You can’t really enjoy a good yoga session without your trusty yoga mat. But when you are cycling down to the studio, there’s really no place to keep it! How to carry a yoga mat on a bike? We discuss below some ways to do it.

If you are a Yoga person, you may want to carry your yoga mat on a bike. But when such is the case, it is a tedious task. Although all yoga mats are not designed to be carried on a bike, it is also tough to handle the mat while you ride a bike. 

How to Carry A Yoga Mat on A Bike
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However, many carriers or methods allow a yoga person to easily carry their yoga mat for their yoga class on a bike. So here, we will explain how you can carry your yoga mat on a bike without any hassles. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • Ways to carry a yoga mat on a bike 
  • Difference between Bike straps and Bungee Cords 

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Ways To Carry A Yoga Mat On A Bike 

Usually, there are three common ways to carry a yoga mat on a bike easily. All three ways are effective and cost-effective. Here are ways: 

1. Yoga Bag

When people buy a yoga mat, they either get a complimentary yoga bag or buy one by spending a few more dollars. A yoga bag helps in storing your mat and serves various other purposes, like carrying your yoga mat on a bike. 

It is recommended to get a side shoulder yoga bag that you can easily carry while riding a bike. They are comfortable and easy to use. 

The best part is that you can also carry other accessories in a yoga bag and a yoga mat. If you are a regular yoga person, it is advisable to use a yoga bag to store and carry a yoga mat. 

Benefits of Yoga Bag 

  • Yoga bag is a lightweight and compact way to carry a yoga mat 
  • The bag will not burden your shoulders or make your bike heavier 
  • The bag will help you to carry your extra stuff with you 


  • The only negative part of a yoga bag is that you may have to spend extra bucks if you don’t have one. 
How to Carry A Yoga Mat on A Bike
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2. Bike Rack and a Bungee Cord 

A bike rack is a common way to carry anything you want while riding, and it is usually seen on every bike. But over time, many bike manufacturers have stopped providing bike racks, and you might want to install one at an extra cost.

However, a bike rack is not so expensive, and it is easy to use for carrying a yoga mat on a bike. To attach or carry a yoga mat on a bike rack, you need a bungee cord. A bungee cord is required to tie the mat on the rack. Instead of bungee cord, many people also prefer bike straps and ropes to attach to the mat. 

Benefits of Bike Rack 

  • There is extra space for keeping other things like yoga blankets, yoga blocks, and more
  • It is a cost-effective way to handle a yoga mat on a bike
  • There is no requirement for a yoga bag 


  • Your yoga mat is exposed to dirt and other weather conditions like rain or snow 

3. Bike Straps 

Another great way to handle your yoga mat on a bike is using bike straps. For long, saddle straps have been a common way to carry a yoga mat. It works as another seat of a bike if your bike has a saddle. All you need is to buy bike straps. Once you have installed bike straps, you only have to place the yoga mat under the area of straps and then tighten them up. 

Bike straps can help you conveniently carry a yoga mat. 

Benefits of Bike Straps 

  • It is a cheaper option than a yoga bag or rear rack; you can easily buy bike straps online. 
  • There is no need for the rear rack to use bike straps. 


  • There is no extra space to carry other belongings. You will not get any extra room for yoga accessories. 

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Difference Between Bike Straps and Bungee Cords

You need to make sure that your yoga mat is tied properly for secure hauling of it. Riding a bike with a loose yoga mat can be dangerous and you could also lose your mat. So it is important to use a reliable way to secure your yoga mat while riding. 

While you are confused between bike straps and bungee cords, there are a few differences that you should consider. 


Bungee cords are lightweight and compact and can easily carry your yoga accessories with a yoga mat. But do not secure heavy items with the bungee cord as overstretching the cord may lead it to snap. Bungee cords also wear-out over time, so do keep in mind the strength of the cord while securing an item.

Bike straps, on the other hand, are elastic straps that can handle heavy weight yoga blocks and a yoga mat. Also, you can easily stretch the bike straps as per your requirement which will help you to carry even more than one yoga mat. 

How to Carry A Yoga Mat on A Bike
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Bike Straps are cheaper and affordable as compared to a bungee cord. While you are on a budget, go for the low-cost option, which is bike straps. 

Bungee cords come in various ranges, from cheaper to expensive depending on the quality and purpose. 


Bungee cords could be slightly more dangerous as they tend to bend the hook or lose the grip while riding, which can overstretch the cord resulting in damage to the cord. On the other hand, bike straps come with push-button and elastic straps that cannot lose their grip. 

Answers To More Questions About Carrying Yoga Mats.

How do you attach a Yoga mat to a bike? 

There are many ways to attach a yoga mat to a bike, but the most convenient and cost-effective way is using bike straps or a bungee cord with a rear rack. 

How do you attach a yoga mat to a backpack? 

You can use hook and straps to attach a yoga mat to a backpack. 

How do you carry things while riding a bike? 

To carry multiple things while riding a bike, you can always use a metal basket, which will help store various items. Also, it is recommended to use saddlebags with bike straps. 

Is a yoga mat bag necessary? 

No, it is not necessary, but if you are looking for a perfect way to store your mat and protect it from dust or dirt, a yoga mat bag is important.