Can You Wear Apple Watch In Hot Yoga? Will It Damage The Watch?

Can you wear an Apple Watch in Hot Yoga? No, you cannot. You have to perform Hot Yoga in hot and humid conditions, which can spoil your Apple watch. 

Nowadays, Hot Yoga has become one of the most popular exercises among people. It is similar to traditional yoga, except that you perform it in high-temperature conditions, similar to a sauna. It helps reduce stress and improves strength and flexibility. Hot Yoga helps give your heart, muscles, and lungs an intense workout. 

Given that Hot Yoga is performed in high-temperature conditions, can you wear an Apple Watch in Hot Yoga? This is a question that we often encounter on forums and yoga related blogs. We decided to examine this and give you a concrete answer.

In this article, let us examine:

  • Is it a good idea to wear an Apple Watch while doing Hot Yoga?
  • Some good Apple Watch bands for yoga
  • Are Apple Watches good for yoga?
  • Can you wear an Apple Watch in a sauna or exercise?
  • How to get accurate measurements using an Apple Watch?
Can You Wear Apple Watch In Hot Yoga
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Can You Wear Apple Watch In Hot Yoga?

Let’s just get this out of the way first. You cannot wear an Apple Watch in Hot Yoga. 

Apple follows specific guidelines, and wearing an Apple Watch in hot Yoga makes it fall outside its guidelines. According to Apple, 

  • The design of the Apple Watch is such that you can use it in temperatures between 32°F and 95°F. If you use your watch outside this range, you may damage your watch and shorten your battery life.
  • You should avoid using an Apple Watch when there is a change in temperature or humidity. Wearing an Apple Watch in Hot Yoga may also affect its water resistance.

Though this does not mean you cannot use your Apple Watch while doing other forms of yoga. It has a special yoga workout app, which you can use for measuring your yoga performance. 

Apple Watches Good For Yoga
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Some Good Apple Watch Bands For Yoga

Doing Hot Yoga leaves you sweaty. But if you still want to wear a tracker or smartwatch, you can choose an exercise band that will not get damaged due to sweat. Let’s look at a few trackers you can use during Hot Yoga.

Apple Sports Loop

It is a breathable and lightweight band. You can fasten it with a hook and loop. The strap is pretty easy to adjust and has a double-layer nylon weave. This band has a soft cushioning and keeps moisture out. 

Apple Nike Sports Band

It has a rugged and simple design. It is made of custom high-performance fluoroelastomer and compression-molded perforations (holes). This band offers excellent breathability and is durable. You can tie this smooth and dense material and feel comfortable wearing it.

Apple Nike Sports Band; Photograph: Canva Stock Photo

Apple Sports Band

This band is usually made from high-performance fluoroelastomers. It is pretty soft to wear and is durable and robust. The smooth strap, along with the dense material, makes it comfortable to wear.

Apple Braided Solo Loop

This band is made of soft silicone that is stretchable and feels soft to touch. It is a unique design and is easy to wear on your wrist. It is manufactured using recycled polyester yarn covered around a thin silicone thread using advanced braiding machinery. The braid solo loop has a soft texture and is sweat and water-resistant.

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Actionsleeve 2

This is a fabric band that provides excellent flexibility and is pretty comfortable. You can wear your Apple Watch using this armband on your upper arm, track your stats, and hit your goal.

Nomad Sport Strap

You can wear this band when you are sweating and active. The band material is pretty durable, light wear and comfortable. It is most suitable for intense workouts and is even resistant to sweat and oil.

Can You Wear Apple Watch In Hot Yoga
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Are Apple Watches Good For Yoga?

Apple Watches have great fitness tracking apps available. They are suitable for yoga, just like any other fitness forms like walking, running, cycling, or HIIT. But make sure before starting your workout, you select the yoga workout option in the fitness app.

Also, you will get the data from tracking the yoga session after you end the tracking. Apple Watch tracks the heart rate in BPM and displays the average time of your workout session. This then converts and shows the active and total calories burned while working out.

After your workout session, you can simply swipe right and find the option to end the tracking.

Can You Wear An Apple Watch In A Sauna?

No, you cannot wear the Apple Watch in a sauna or steam. However, the new Apple Watch series is water-resistant up to 165 feet. 

But the problem with the Apple Watch in a sauna is not the water. It is the heat.

Overheating may damage any electronic equipment or part, including the batteries. So it is recommended to remove the Apple Watch when you go into a sauna or steam room or take a Hot Yoga session. 

It is better not to wear Apple Watch in a hot environment or even charge it in hot weather outside.

Can You Wear Apple Watch In Hot Yoga
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Can You Wear An Apple Watch While Exercising?

Yes, you can use your Apple Watch while exercising. While working out or exercising, it helps you be aware of your workout stats. This includes your goal accomplishment, average pace, distance covered, calories, and heart rate.

How To Get Accurate Measurements Using the Apple Watch?

For this, you need to update your personal information in the app. This will help in calculating the metrics of the activity performed.

Update Your Personal Information

Updating your personal information, such as your height, weight, and age, will let the Apple Watch calculate the calories you burn much more accurately. You can also update this information as you lose those extra inches and pounds.

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Make Sure You Are Getting The Move And Exercise Credit

For this, make sure you move your arm on which your Apple Watch is strapped. Like when you take your pet for a walk, let your arm freely swing while holding the pet from the other hand. Sometimes you may not be able to move either of your hands while walking, like pushing a stroller. You will still be able to earn the credit in the app.

Right Fit

Make sure the Apple Watch you wear is not too loose and not too tight as well. Keep it comfortable and let the sensors work properly.

Heart Rate Measurement

To get an accurate heart rate measurement while exercising, make sure you are wearing the watch properly on the top of your wrist. Just make sure the heart rate sensor is close to your skin.

Can You Wear Apple Watch In Hot Yoga
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So can you wear an Apple Watch in Hot Yoga? No, You Cannot. 

Wearing an Apple Watch while doing Hot Yoga, which is performed in hot and humid weather, may damage the watch. This is because it falls outside Apple’s handling guidelines. It is good to use the Apple Watch while performing regular Yoga using its workout app.

Happy Yoga!