How Many Calories Does P90x Yoga Burn?

P90x is a high-intensity exercise regime. If you want to know how many calories does P90x yoga burn, then read this article.

Yoga is an ancient practice developed in India that involves meditation and breathing techniques for physical and mental well-being. This practice of over 5000 years has gained popularity and can be seen practiced across the world. The practice of yoga has evolved and has many forms in the present day.

One such practice of yoga is the P90X yoga developed by celebrity trainer Tony Horton. I have been practicing this form of yoga for the past six months and have lost a considerable amount of weight since then. 

It involves some strenuous exercises and helps burn almost 450 to 600 calories every day. Let’s dig deeper and check out why this practice is so popular these days. 

How Many Calories Does P90x Yoga Burn?

What Is P90X Yoga?

P90X can be practiced at home as it comes in a home DVD exercise program. The entire yoga program comes in 12 DVDs for users to practice yoga at their homes. 

This yoga program is built around Hatha Yoga, a physical and mental branch of yoga aimed at body and mind. It is 90 minutes long and is intense. For those unaware of the P90X yoga style, this is similar to Power Yoga. 

What’s part of the class?

The 90 minutes class starts with a talk from Horton whereon he guides four students on screen through a series of sun salutations, a sequence of poses also called asanas, which are done without stopping of what is known as the flow (Vinyasa) in yoga. 

After the sun salutations, Horton leads the class on the same types of asanas in the typical yoga classes, mainly focusing on the more challenging and advanced poses.

You can access the classes here:

Yoga X - (Ashtanga Vinyasa and Runner's pose/stretch)

What Exactly Do You Get In The P90x System?

In the P90X system, you get 12 workout DVDs, a 90-day calendar to track your progress, a 100-page fitness guide, and a 113-page nutrition guide.

 Beach Body sells the P90X workout system from television infomercials and through their website. Beach Body offers a 100%, 90-day satisfaction guarantee, or return by paying the shipping cost by the buyer if in case of a return.

How Does The P90x System Work?

The workouts in the P90X system are presented in the circuit format in which we move from one workout to another with little rest intervals in between. This keeps the heart rate up. 

The DVDs for strengthening target specific body parts each day from chest and back followed by shoulders and arms, legs and back, chest shoulders and triceps, and then back and biceps. The other DVDs focus on cardio fitness, abs/core Kenpo kickboxing, plyometrics (power movements), yoga, and stretching.

How Many Calories Does P90x Yoga Burn?

In the P90X system, the 59-minute “Plyometrics” workout is the most intense. After a lengthy warm-up, this cardiovascular routine leads through jumping moves, basically working the lower body. It requires a soft landing surface and shock-absorbing shoes.

The P90X Yoga workout is also intense being 90 minutes long. This workout is quite challenging for those not accustomed to yoga.

The first half of Yoga X consists of dynamic, moving yoga workouts, while the latter consists of balance and static workouts. Let’s look at how these workout exercises are done.

Part One- Dynamic

  • Warrior One: For all warrior poses, the key is to ensure that the rear leg is engaged and your weight is focused on leaning forward. The rear leg should be straightened and glutes tightened without keeping all of your weight on the front leg.
  • Warrior Two: In warrior two positions, while keeping the rear leg engaged, be mindful of keeping your hips and shoulders stacked one on top of the other.
  • Reverse Warrior: In the reverse warrior position, you don’t plant your hand on your rear leg and put all of your weight on that hand to get the deepest backbend.
  • Warrior Three: This pose is achieved by keeping the hand forward in the warrior pose.

These warrior poses help in burning approximately three calories per minute.

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  • Triangle Pose: The triangle pose is about getting your chest and shoulders straight and square and open and getting your hand to the floor.
  • Twisting Triangle Pose: This pose is achieved by shuffling your rear foot and getting into this pose better.

These triangle poses help burn approximately five calories in 10 minutes.

  • Chair Pose: In the chair pose, think of placing everything towards a center line running from the middle of your forehead down to your big toes. Go further by squeezing in knees, thighs, and toes together towards that line.  

A moderate to high-intensity chair pose burn around 60 calories in 10 minutes.

  • Half Moon: Using your rear leg again and while standing on one leg, tighten both glutes, pull your abs in, making this pose more stable. This pose can burn approximately four calories in 10 minutes.

Other poses in dynamic yoga include; Right Angle Pose, Prayer Twist (in a lunge), Standing Splits, Twisting Half Moon.

Part Two- Balance and Static

  • Tree: To achieve the tree position, lock it down, pull your raised knee back, and buttocks in towards that centerline. This pose burns approximately six calories in 10 minutes.
  • Royal Dancer: To achieve the pose in Royal Dancer, you need to reach towards the front from one hand while pulling on your raised leg with your other hand as much as we need to push back with that leg. Form a bow shape using your torso, upraised arm, and leg seeking an equilibrium between all parts.
  • Cat/Cow: This pose helps a lot for those having back issues, making an arch in your lumbar spine going as far as comfortable.
  • Frog: This pose gives a wonderful stretch to hips and inner thighs while making sure to aim for a 90-degree angle between hips, knees, and shins. It needs attention if you have knee problems since the position may get difficult for some kneecaps.

Other poses include; Standing Leg Extensions, Crane, Seated Spinal Stretch, Bridge or Wheel, Plow to Shoulder Stand, Table.

Wrap Up

The P90X yoga involves both dynamic and balance/static yoga workouts and involves high-intensity yoga workouts for 90 mins. It is best suited for physically fit people and does have any body issues as it is rigorous and intense.

The overall 90 mins yoga workout can help burn approximately 450-600 calories and depends on your ability to achieve all workouts mentioned in the program.