How Old Is Zoe Bray-Cotton From Yoga Burn?

Followers of Yoga Burn are always surprised at how young its founder Zoe looks despite her years of experience. Let us figure out how old is Zoe Bray-Cotton from Yoga Burn.

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a certified yoga instructor who founded the Yoga Burn program. 

She strives to teach women Yoga to achieve the perfect figure. She is well-recognized in the fitness industry and is loved by her students. 

Despite her fame, there is very little information about her personal life on the internet. Her age seems to be a mystery as she looks so young and vibrant yet has tons of experience.

Let’s peek into all the information about her and Yoga Burn to answer your question. 

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What Do We Know About Zoe Bray-Cotton?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is the founder and creator of the popular weight loss yoga program called Yoga Burn. This program claims to help you not only lose weight but also shape and tom=ne your body.

As per the Website of Yoga Burn, the Founder, Zoe Bray-Cotton, is an internationally certified fitness trainer. She is a yoga instructor who has taught millions of women through her programs of Yoga Burn.

In one interview, the interviewer tried to get some information about her age indirectly. She asked how long Zoe was in the business because she looked very young and had little experience. Zoe replied that she started teaching Yoga at a very young age and always knew that this was what her heart wanted. 

Another piece of information on the internet is that Zoe has about a decade of professional experience and yoga training. 

Since the Yoga Burns program started in 2014 and assuming that she started her professional life at the age of 20, she would be about 37 years of age as of 2021. Our guess is she is in her later thirties or early forties.

She has dedicated her entire life to her Yoga Burn program, Literally! Her YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook pages are also named Yoga Burn and run for their promotion. 

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What is Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is a unique 12-week program created for women to shape their bodies through a series of programs whose intensity increases progressively.

The Yoga Burn program started in 2014. Since then, creator Zoe Cotton has developed many programs specific to a particular body type or goal. 

Dynamic Sequencing

Yoga Burn focuses on Dynamic Sequencing. Dynamic sequencing continuously challenges your body. Your body adapts to a repetitive set of exercises, which do not help achieve long-term weight loss goals. 

Dynamic sequencing builds on the last day’s work and adds more challenges to it. Thus your body is forced to adapt and then change to a higher level. Dynamic sequencing thus develops your core strength.

How Old Is Zoe Bray-Cotton From Yoga Burn

What You Get In The Program

On purchase of a program, they provide you with a series of DVDs or downloadable videos. Each of them contains a 45-minute video. 

They advise you to complete three such videos in a week. After completing the third video of the week, you will get a bonus video based on mental health, thus helping you improve your confidence level. You will get 15 yoga classes. 

Yoga Burn has evolved since its origin; DVDs are now available in an app form. Access on the mobile makes it easy to reach for users.

How Old Is Zoe Bray-Cotton From Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn Program Routine

The Yoga Burn program follows a unique three-phase routine that consists of a variety of exercises and yoga poses. 

The phases are designed so that the 2nd phase is more challenging than the first, and the third is more demanding than the second. Each phase lasts for four weeks. 

A combination of the three phases helps you to achieve a total body transformation. The exercises vary for different programs, but the fundamental structure is constant that follows the three-phase pattern.

How Old Is Zoe Bray-Cotton From Yoga Burn

Phase 1 ( The Foundational Flow)

As the name goes, this phase builds the foundation of the entire course. 

In this one month, you will learn basic yoga poses and exercises and their smooth execution. This course will help you perform well in the later, difficult phases. 

Phase 1 also works for developing a solid connection between your mind and body. 

Phase 2 (The Transitional Flow)

This phase acts as a bridge between the first and third phases. 

A combination of exercises has proven to be more effective than individual exercises. Thus this phase helps you learn to combine personal activities to increase your efficiency. The stage contains three videos.

Each video is dedicated to a particular group of muscles. They are categorized into the lower body, upper body, and core muscles. 

Phase 3 (The Mastery Flow)

The third phase is the final stage and the most difficult of the three. The videos contain exercises involving all three muscle groups (Upper, Lower, and Core). The mastery flow phase is the ultimate phase that will bring about complete transition by toning each of your muscles.

How does Yoga Burn Work?

Yoga Burn has designed a series of packages to help you purchase a product of your need. They have also created a quiz to judge your condition and recommend the most suitable package according to your need and lifestyle. 

They ask the following questions. You would need to choose an appropriate option to answer these questions.

  • Do you follow an exercise routine?
  • What is your Fitness level?
  • What is the reason that makes you quit exercising?
  • What do you dislike about exercising?
  • How long do you exercise?
  • What type of exercise do you dislike the most?
  • What is your fitness goal?

After answering these questions, they show you a presentation with details of the package suitable for you. It could work great for you if you stick to the routine and be true to yourself. 

There are hundreds of positive reviews on the Yoga Burn website. The reviews have been given by genuine users sharing their experience with Yoga Burn and the overall transformation.

How Old Is Zoe Bray-Cotton From Yoga Burn

Answers to More Questions about Yoga Burn and Zoe

Who is Zoe from Yoga Burn?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is the creator of Yoga Burn. She is an internationally certified fitness coach and yoga instructor. 

Is Yoga Burn a con?

No, there is no reason to believe that it is a scam. Yoga Burn program is a 12-week yoga plan. It is based on dynamic sequencing, which is a scientifically proven method to train your mind and body. If you stick to the program, you can transform your body.

Does Yoga Burn Really Work?

It does work, given that you choose the right package based on your requirements and lifestyle. If you could follow all the instructions and complete each phase honestly, there is a good chance of it working. 

Can you lose weight with Yoga Burn?

The Yoga Burn program is designed to help you lose weight and achieve a perfectly toned body.

How Old Is Zoe Bray-Cotton From Yoga Burn

Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Age Remains A Mystery!

Zoe Bray Cotton’s age remains a mystery to her followers. But you could estimate that currently, she is in her late thirties or early forties.

Assuming that before starting Yoga Burn, she had over a decade of experience in Yoga and personal training. She must be around thirty when she started Yoga Burn. 

Whatever her age might be, she created a massive program by herself, which helps millions of women worldwide. You should appreciate her for such an achievement.