How Do You Feel After Yoga? Does It Hurt Or Help You Relax?

One question that our readers ask us a lot is: how do you feel after Yoga? The answer is unique to each person because Yoga is a very personal experience. However, some factors will help you enjoy your yoga class more. Read on.

In today’s era, we are leading a stressful life. Obesity is a significant problem across the world. Yoga is one of the best options for people of all ages to relieve stress and be fit physically and mentally. 

Yoga will not reduce your sorrows, but it will give you the mental strength, focus, and stability to be able to face your worries.

One question that our readers, especially those new to Yoga, always ask us is how do you feel after Yoga? Unfortunately, I cannot get a straightforward answer to this question. The answers of every person differ after the yoga class.

How Do You Feel After Yoga

How Do You Feel After Yoga?

Some people feel that they are on top of the world after doing various yoga postures, pranayama, and ending the session with savasana. In their opinion, the muscles are strengthened, and they feel buoyant. 

Others feel exhausted after trying yoga postures, and some of them even feel nauseous. That may be because of numerous reasons. If you are practicing a yoga posture that is not fit for your health, you may feel exhausted after the yoga class.

In my opinion, feelings after yoga class depend on many factors, so rather than giving you one straight answer, let me discuss what those factors are

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Time And Emotions

Your feelings about Yoga can vary with the time of the day and how you are feeling on a particular day. For instance, if one is hungry and attends a yoga class, he may not feel great. I always suggest people eat light food two hours before yoga practice. 

If you are stressed due to some reason but you are attending yoga class, you may not feel that much good after yoga class.

Type Of Yoga

There are various yoga asanas to keep you fit physically. As the asanas are different, people’s opinions after doing the yoga postures are also different. 

But no matter which asanas you do, your body will release serotonin and dopamine, which will make you feel happy and relaxed. The yoga asanas will reduce your stress by keeping cortisol in check

However, a person’s feelings after Yoga may differ from one day to the other or from the yoga studio. Let’s discuss some of the types of Yoga and how one feels after practicing them.

How Do You Feel After Yoga

#1. Vinyasa Yoga

For instance, if I talk about vinyasa yoga or flow yoga, you move from one yoga pose directly to the other without taking a breather. 

You do not need to hold one posture for a long time. So most people feel strength in their muscles and improve flexibility.

#2. Hot Power Yoga

If I talk about hot power yoga, you need to do intense yoga exercises in a hot environment with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and humidity of 40 percent. You will sweat a lot when you do hot power yoga. 

But if you do not drink plenty of water and practice hot Yoga, you will feel tired or have light headaches after the yoga session. Again your heart works hard while doing hot power yoga. So that can also make you feel tired.

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#3. Hatha Yoga

In Hatha Yoga, one needs to hold one yoga pose for a long duration for working on specific muscles. It can be highly intense depending on the length of the time you hold one yoga pose. 

Some people hold a pose just for a few seconds to relax their bodies. So your opinion also depends on the effort you put in holding a yoga pose.

#4. Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is meant only for pregnant women. It involves light exercises like neck movements, leg movements, or butterfly yoga poses while sitting on a yoga mat. 

Most pregnant ladies feel relaxed, calm, and stress-free after the yoga session. They say that doing Yoga in their nine months of the journey helps them stay active and overcome pregnancy-related problems.

Well, the feeling after doing Yoga can vary from one day to the other. Some may experience discomfort after the yoga session, which is because of changing hormones in a pregnant lady or because of an increase in belly size.

How Do You Feel After Yoga

How Does Yoga Make You Feel When You Attend The First Class?

#1. You Feel Every Muscle

In this modern life, you usually lead a sedentary lifestyle. But while doing various yoga postures, you move your hands, joints in all directions. Yoga engages the entire body to work, which helps to feel every muscle.

Well, you need to practice Yoga every day to have a strong and healthy body shortly. But don’t overstrain your body at the beginning to show you can do any yoga pose. Your body needs time. 

So, give time to your body before trying strenuous exercises at the beginning. I will even suggest you not compete with other friends in your yoga class. You need to remember that everyone is unique.

#2. Feel Weak

You may feel weak initially because your body takes some time to adapt to new yoga exercises. It’s pretty natural, and there is no need to worry at all. Your muscles are stiff as you are leading a sedentary lifestyle. But once you practice, your body will become flexible and supple.

Every yoga class can be challenging for you because you will learn new yoga postures every day. But don’t be impatient. Give some time to your body and mind.

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#3. Feel Savasana Is The Best Thing In Yoga Class

Most of the yoga classes end up with savasana, in which you lie down on your mat and take a short nap for five to seven minutes. After doing some basic yoga postures at the start, you may feel tired. So by doing savasana, you feel good and relaxed.

#4. You Can Mingle With Others

You will develop positivity after the competition of your yoga classes, and you might like to become friendly with people who are complete strangers.

How Do You Feel After Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How does Yoga make you feel?

Yoga can make you feel relaxed and calm. The forward yoga postures can make you feel grounded and stable, while backward poses open the chest and heart area, enabling you to feel relaxed and energetic.

#2. Why do I feel good after doing Yoga?

Yoga therapy will reduce your blood pressure and relax the blood vessels. The yoga postures will increase blood circulation and reduce the stress hormone cortisol. So you feel good after doing Yoga.

#3. Can Yoga make you feel weird?

Yes, you may feel weird, but that depends on various factors like if you have not slept for 5-7 hours or not taken any food before a few hours or if your body is undergoing any trauma, you may feel tired.

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Wrap Up

Yoga is an excellent form of physical exercise which helps you in reducing fats or treats insomnia, eating disorders, and other critical illnesses. Well, the feelings always vary from one individual to another individual after attending a yoga session. 

Well, in the beginning, you may have pain in your muscles, soreness, or lower back pain. But once you practice the yoga exercises regularly, your body will be acquainted, and you will feel relaxed and energetic. So give some time to your body.

I hope you liked this article and please don’t forget to share your suggestions for this article.

Happy Yoga!