Why Does Yoga Make Me Nauseous?

Why does Yoga make me nauseous? Many new practitioners of Yoga ask this question. Don’t worry; it is a very common feeling. In this article, we explore the reasons behind it.

Do you feel nauseous after doing Yoga? Then don’t worry, you are not the only one. Many people have come up with the question, Can I feel sick after doing Yoga? The answer is quite yes. 

We all know that Yoga comes with various benefits, but at the same time, it has few negative effects on the body. 

The major side effect of Yoga is feeling nauseous after a session. It is a common problem that many people face, and many of them don’t know the right reason behind it. 

Feeling sick after your yoga session is due to many factors like detoxifying the body, not having a proper meal before a session, and more. So here we will tell you in detail why do you feel Nausea after Yoga? 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • What is Nausea? 
  • Reasons for Getting Sick after a Yoga session
  • How to deal with nauseous feelings after a class?

What is Nausea? 

People get confused between the two terms, Nausea and dizziness; before you learn why you feel nauseous after Yoga, you must know what it is exactly. 

Nausea is where you feel you are about to vomit. Nausea takes place due to inaccurate or excess pressure in the abdominal organs. In contrast, dizziness is an imbalance of the skull that gives the feeling of loss of balance and head lightness. 

People feel nauseous after Yoga but do not get the feeling of dizziness. So if you fall sick after Yoga, you must know how you feel and what the remedies are to deal with it. 

If a person is nauseous or dizzy to an extreme degree after yoga practice, consider it a red flag. 

Why Does Yoga Make Me Nauseous?

Reasons for getting sick after Yoga 

You must be wondering what factors contribute to the feeling of sickness after yoga practice, so here we go. 

# Hot Yoga 

If you are practicing Hot Yoga, then you are pushing your body to an extreme level. As most hot yoga rooms have more than 80 degrees F temperature, stretching your muscles at such a temperature can push the body to heatstroke. 

When there is a release of toxins from the body in sweating due to heatstroke, it makes you feel sick. Heatstroke is a common factor that many yoga practitioners feel after every yoga practice for the first few days of their classes, and after a few days, their body gets habitual to a certain heat level. 

Many yoga people have complained about feeling dizziness after a hot yoga session. The only reason behind it is excess sweating and a high degree of heat and humid conditions. 


If you think you are exerting your body beyond the safety level, immediately stop the session and get some cool air. Never push your body to an exhausting level. 

Also, it is important to keep your body hydrated while Hot Yoga as your body is losing more body moisture. 

Why Does Yoga Make Me Nauseous?

# Incorrect Eating ways

There could be two reasons: you ate too much or didn’t have a proper meal before starting your yoga practice. 

When you have a large meal before your session, it is important to give enough time to your body to digest it, but if you start Yoga before, you are putting pressure on the digestive system, which gives you a feeling of vomiting. 

If you have not eaten anything a few hours before Yoga, this could also be a problem. Your body will have more impact on the digestive system due to intense asanas, leading to low blood sugar levels and making you feel dizzy or nervous. 

Having a proper meal before Yoga is as important as keeping your body healthy. Many newbies fail to understand the importance of eating habits while doing Yoga, so they usually feel dizzy or nauseous because of it. 


Ensure you don’t eat too much or have a big meal 2-3 hours before a yoga session. Also, make sure you eat an apple or a light snack just before your session to balance out your internal organs. 

Why Does Yoga Make Me Nauseous?

# Yoga Injuries 

Yoga injuries or muscle pain is very common in Yoga. Can I feel sick after Yoga? Yes, most of the time, it is because of muscle pains. The most common muscle injuries include the neck, back, and shoulders. This could be torn muscles while stretching or carpal tunnel; such issues occur in more than 90 people out of 100. There are many poses of Yoga that can damage the muscles if you are not doing it in the right way. 


If you are new to Yoga or have some history of any injuries, it is important to tell your yoga instructor about the same. And do asanas under the supervision of a yoga teacher to avoid any muscle pain or injuries. 

# Internal Discomfort 

If any of the above are not the reasons, the reason for feeling nauseous can be internal discomfort, where your liver or gallbladder can be full of toxins. 

You must know that Yoga is beneficial in removing the toxins from every organ of the body, so if you have a pain reaction after a yoga class, this could be a reason. 

This majorly happens with people who are regular alcohol drinkers or smokers. When you have discomfort, you don’t have to worry. It is a clear sign that your body has certain chemicals that need to be released. 

Also, if a person who has a history of respiratory issues faces some discomfort after yoga practice. 


The best way to deal with it is to let it go. Removing toxins from the body is necessary, but if you feel severe discomfort, then it is recommended to consult a doctor. 

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Best Ways to Avoid Falling Sick After a Yoga Session 

As we have read above, how can you deal with each factor of falling sick? Here we are compiling a list of common ways that you must incorporate to have a better post-yoga experience: 

  • It is important to keep your body hydrated, whether you are doing Hot Yoga or normal Yoga. 
  • If you are new to Yoga, make sure you start with simple poses and don’t exert your body too much. 
  • If you face any health issues, it is always better to inform your Yoga instructor in advance. 
Why Does Yoga Make Me Nauseous?


# Why do I feel worse after Yoga? 

As we stated above, there could be many reasons. Read the above content, and you will get detailed information about why you fall sick after Yoga. 

# Why do I feel dizzy after Yoga? 

Doing intense Yoga or Hot Yoga can make you feel dizzy after Yoga. 

# Why does Hot Yoga make me Nausea? 

The obvious reason Hot Yoga makes you nauseous is it releases body moisture in the form of sweat, which clearly says toxins are removed from the body. 

# How do I stop Nausea from hot Yoga? 

While you feel discomfort, get into a cooler place and drink a lot of water. 

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Nausea After Yoga Can Have Many Reasons

Why does Yoga make me nauseous? Since we all know that Yoga is beneficial for overall health, and if it makes you sick, there could be any of the above reasons. You can easily know the main factor causing sickness and avoid it by following the remedies.

Happy Yoga!