Why Do Girls Wear Yoga Pants? Is It Just Because Of Looks?

Why do girls wear yoga pants every day? Read this article to understand why girls love this legging which has become a huge fad in recent years.

I am a departmental store manager and a mom of three kids. I am stout and have a pear-shaped body. My work requires me to wear something flexible and comfortable on the job, and I need to bend several times to organize the shelves. 

Also, since I am on the heavier side, I needed something that made me look sleek and covered my pear-shaped body. 

Recently I bought a few yoga pants as I joined a yoga class to reduce weight. Surprisingly the pants were a perfect fit and hugged my body like a second skin. 

After using them for several months, I understood why do girls wear yoga pants. And why do I see so many women around in yoga pants?

If you don’t own a few pairs of yoga pants, honestly, you are missing something very important in your wardrobe. And I am pretty sure after going through this elaborative content on yoga pants, and you too will want some in your cupboard.

Why Do Girls Wear Yoga Pants

Reasons: Why Do Girls Like Yoga Pants?

#1 Yoga pants are comfortable

The top reason why do girls like yoga pants are, they are comfortable. They are made of stretchy material, and they fit perfectly even if you have gained a few pounds. The pants stretch well and are snug to the body in a way that makes them very comfortable to wear all day and night long. If you get bloated during the day, they do not cut into your skin. 

#2 They are perfect while traveling

For female travelers, yoga pants are like a boon. No matter how you travel by bus, metro, or airplane, you can move the way you want, unlike when wearing jeans or skirts. Also, they don’t hinder your movement and are very easy to pack.

#3 They are very affordable

Yoga pants are not very expensive pieces of cloth. They won’t cost you a fortune, unlike jeans, trousers and other clothes. You can easily buy three to four pairs of pants at a time and wear different tops and sneakers every day to get a different look whenever you wear them. Thus, you stay away from the mental hassle of shopping every month. 

#4 They are easy to store

Unlike trousers and jeans, yoga pants occupy very little wardrobe space. You can easily fold and stack them one over the other. Also, when you are traveling, you can keep three to four pairs of pants without wasting much luggage space. 

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#5 They are versatile

These yoga pants are not just suitable for yoga, but they can be worn any time of the day. You can pair it with a nice top, sandals, handbag, glares, and you are good to go to the office or on a brunch date with friends. You can also wear it during dinner time or as nightwear. You can sleep comfortably wearing it.

#6 Sweat-free Pants

Most of the yoga pants are made of hygienic and breathable materials such as spandex, polyester, lycra, rayon, and nylon. Today, some yoga pants are made of natural materials such as merino wool and bamboo, which are equivalently comfortable. Sweat-free or breathable pants help maintain the proper air circulation in the body and wick sweat away from the body. Thus these pants help you stay comfortable throughout the day.

#7 All-season wear

Yoga pants are all-weather pants. This is one of the biggest reasons why do girls like yoga pants. You can wear yoga pants in the summer, winter, and rainy seasons quickly. In summer, the breathable and sweat-wicking material keeps you cool. Some pants come with fleece lining, which keeps you warm during winters. And polyester material, besides being breathable, also dries quickly; hence is perfect for the rainy season. 

#8 They require no care and maintenance

Unlike cotton pants, yoga pants require no-to-minimum care and maintenance. You can wear the same pair of pants every day without washing, and one will never notice it. You can also wash the same pair every day and wear them every day without the fear of damaging the fabric. The color also stays forever, and the elastic waistband does not loosen even after regular wash. 

#9 Helps keep motivated and lose weight

If you are looking for that Monday motivation, then trust me, wear yoga pants. Yoga pants will surely help you get that motivation and make you run the extra mile. Even if you are not working out, you will feel active the whole day.

You will also be surprised to learn that some yoga pants help reduce weight even if you are not working out. These yoga pants are known as high-waist yoga pants. They tuck in your stomach and give you a sleek look.

#10 Increase your breathing

Since yoga pants are a comfortable piece of cloth, they help you breathe comfortably. Clothes like jeans and trousers restrict your breathing. A nice pair of yoga pants will not have this effect as long as you prioritize comfort over tightness when you are shopping.

Why Do Girls Wear Yoga Pants

Is It OK To Wear Yoga Pants In Public?

I don’t think there is any problem with wearing yoga pants in public. In fact, I will say that yoga pants are the new jeans. If you can wear skinny jeans in public, then why can’t a pair of yoga pants. However, different countries have different approaches to it:


In America, it is OK to wear yoga pants in public. You can wear it anywhere and at any time of the day. You can go clubbing, partying, for dinners, in the office everywhere in the country. Yoga pants are accepted here. 


Paris is the world’s fashion capital, but interestingly you will not see a single woman wearing yoga pants on the streets. This is because the French do not find yoga pants stylish. In France, wearing a pair of yoga pants in public isn’t considered appropriate. 

In fact, you will not see anyone wearing yoga pants on the whole continent. Hence if you are in Europe, for some reason, avoid wearing yoga pants in public as they are considered obscene in this part of the world.


Germans do not find it appropriate if women wear yoga pants in public here. They are considered very casual, and pieces are only worn inside the gym or when you’re working out. They are not something you wear in other public places.

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Like France, in India, too, women avoid wearing yoga pants in public. Women who wear yoga pants in public are not considered adequately dressed. Some say they do this on purpose to lure men. 

Some people think yoga pants don’t belong outside of the gym or yoga class. Hence if you are planning to visit this country, don’t wear yoga pants in public. However, if you need to, it’s better to wear a longer shirt or top that covers your hips region.

What Yoga Pants Feel Like?

To be honest, yoga pants feel like a second skin. They hug the body unlike any other piece of cloth. And does not restrict your movement. Their breathable and stretchy material makes you feel like you are wearing nothing, even during hot summer days. All-in-all I would say that it is a very comfortable piece of cloth that feels like you are liberated. 

How To Wear Yoga Pants?

  • If you want to slay in yoga pants, the first thing should be to find suitable pants. Buy pants that are not baggy or too tight. It should just be perfect. The whole point of wearing yoga pants is that they are comfortable and do not restrict your movement. If you have to adjust yours now and then, there’s something wrong with the fit. 
  • Your yoga pants should not be see-through. Some manufacturers make skinny yoga pants that show your skin when you bend or stretch. Hence buy thick yoga pants made of non-see-through material like spandex.
  • You can pair your pants with some funky accessories. Try wearing a nice top-up on it in public along with a proper sports shoe or sandals. You can also carry a stylish purse and wear glasses to look stylish in public. 
Why Do Girls Wear Yoga Pants

3 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Yoga Pants

  • Comfort: consider buying yoga pants that are light in weight and made of breathable material. Also, they should have a drawstring attached and made of moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Size: when you buy yoga pants, they should fit snugly on both your hips and waist, but not so tight that you feel restricted. A well-fitted pant also ensures that it doesn’t slide down while doing vigorous exercises.
  • Length: avoid buying long pants because it can hinder your movement. It is better if you purchase ankle-length pants. Also, a 3/4th length style will suit you if you prefer long workout sessions. 

Wrapping Up

Yoga pants look fabulous no matter where you opt to wear them. But make sure you pair them with great accessories and wear them with confidence. 

If you have any suggestions, we would like to hear them from you in the comment section. Also, if you found this piece of helpful information, don’t forget to share it with your close ones.