Can You Wear Yoga Pants Horseback Riding?

Can you wear yoga pants horseback riding? Are they comfortable, or do they become too tight to wear while riding a horse? Let us find out!.

Every sport demands a unique attire. As horse riding is a sports activity, it requires you to wear special apparel that is suited for sitting on a horse for a long time.

Some people practice yoga as well as like horse riding. Both are two different physical activities, but performing yoga can also help you better with horse riding. Whenever you do yoga on the mat, it trains you to stay focused and increases your concentration. This effectively helps you to to stay centered on the saddle. 

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Can You Wear Yoga Pants Horseback Riding?

Horseback riding pants and yoga pants are very similar, and it seems like yoga pants may be a good fit for this sports activity. After all, yoga pants fit tightly instead of flopping around in the wind, they keep your whole legs covered, and most importantly, they are very comfortable.

Many people also love to wear yoga pants or leggings even outside of their yoga practice, for instance around the home, for walking, running errands etc. However, when it comes to horseback riding, you can wear yoga pants, but one main feature that yoga pants don’t have is a belt loop, which is essential, especially for new riders. 

So, as of now, yoga pants should not be considered as professional horse riding apparel. Especially if you are just learning to rise a horse, it might be a good idea to keep your yoga pants in your closet.

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Why Are Yoga Pants Not Good For Horse Riding?

I admit yoga pants can be very comfortable. They are breathable during the summer months and they are quite affordable as compared to professional riding pants. Most yoga pants typically come for less than $30. They dry quickly and are usually made from light, flexible material. It’s easy to pack, and they don’t cause infections and yeast if kept clean. 

However, there are some limitations to yoga pants that force a horse rider to leave them in a wardrobe. First, yoga pants cannot give you much protection if you fall from the horse. Second, if you wear yoga pants for a long ride, then there are chances that you may suffer from chaffing. These pants do not provide any saddle grip.

I will advise that if you want to ride a horse for four to five hours, it is better to avoid wearing yoga pants. Yoga pants could be tried on only for a short trot.

Can You Wear Yoga Pants Horseback Riding
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What Pants Are Best For Horse Riding?

Most people think that wearing proper attire for a horse ride is just for fashion. But that’s not the case. If you don’t wear appropriate clothing, then it may put you in danger, and you will certainly feel uncomfortable while riding.

You can wear various options for horse ridings like jodhpurs, tight jeans, yoga pants, breeches, and riding tights.  

If you are a regular horse rider, then you should wear riding tights. These riding tights are the yoga pants of horse riders. Riding tights are very comfortable and have various additional features, which you may not find in other apparel options.

However, if I talk about breeches, they are also suitable for horse riding. Breeches have very thin fabric, which allows you to be in close contact with the horse.  But you should not wear them regularly. Reason being that most breaches are made of cotton, which will damp easily and won’t dry out soon. Also, quality breeches are very expensive and might not be the most pocket friendly option.

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Why Are Riding Tights Better Than Yoga Pants For Equestrians?

#1. Grip

Riding tights usually have a knee patch that helps the rider to stick to the saddle. You will not find this feature in yoga pants. This knee patch helps you with your balance and stay on top of the horse.

#2. Wide Waist Band

Riding tights have a wide waist band which is designed to provide you comfort during horse riding and ensures that the pants stay put during riding.

#3. Belt Loops

In most riding tights, you will find belt loops which are a must for horse riding.

#4. No cut-outs

In most yoga pants, you will find fabric cuts that look great on the mat, but they fall short at the time of horse riding. Riding tights don’t have any cut-out which makes it easier to ride a horse.

#5. Machine Washable

Riding tights are very easy to wash. You don’t require any special detergent to clean them. You can even throw these pants into the machine, and you are good to go!

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#6. Pockets

Peace is quite essential while doing yoga. So, you may not require a pocket to keep essential things while doing any yoga posture or meditation.

But most riding tights have pockets to keep your cell phone or any essential thing you may need at the time of riding.

#7. Durability

The yoga pants will not last long if you wear them horseback riding. This is because you practice yoga postures on the padded mat, which has no sharp edges. But riding tights are more durable in comparison to yoga pants. They last for a minimum of three years.

#8. Comfortable

You can wear riding tights throughout the day without any regret. They are super stretchable and comfortable.

#9. Proper Length

Riding tights have proper length and are designed to provide utmost comfort to the rider. Yoga pants on the other hand, come in various lengths – till your knees, calves or ankles and might not be most suitable while riding a horse.

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#10. Right Price

Riding tights are available at an affordable price. Though they might be slightly more expensive than yoga pants, but are worth the price, if you are going for horse riding regularly.

#11. Sizes And Styles

You will find riding tights in various styles, sizes, and fabric options. You can choose from them according to your preferences.

#12. Moisture Wicking Capability

Most riding tights are made from moisture-wicking technology, which keeps you dry and absorbs sweat while horse riding.

Options for Horse Riding Pants

Based on reviews and customer feedback, we provide you with some great options for riding pants. These riding pants have been selected based on the 12 features mentioned above.

These pants cover your buttocks and legs well, enhances your sense of connection to the saddle, they are breathable, absorb sweat and provide four-way stretch.

Turnhier Women Riding Tights
Willit Women's Riding Tights
BALEAF Women's Riding Tights

When Can You Use Your Yoga Pants For Horse Riding?

Well, you may stick to your yoga pants under the following conditions:

  • You are on vacation, and you don’t intend to buy unique apparel for horse riding
  • You intend to try the horse before commitment
  • You want to ride for just a few minutes

What About Horse Riding In Jeans?

A good pair of jeans can comfortable while horse riding. However, there are various things which you need to consider before wearing jeans for horse riding. Your jeans should not be too tight under your hips, which otherwise may cause discomfort. 

Again, if you are riding on an English saddle, there are high chances that the legs of your pants can ride up. Well, if you wear tall boots with jeans, then you can solve these two issues. However, jeans are not as costly as other pants and might come handy in the time of need.

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What About Horse Riding In Jodhpurs?

Jodhpurs are almost similar to breeches. But you should not mistake the two. The main difference between them is their length. Breeches finish above the ankle and have a tighter fitting. They are designed in a manner that they can be comfortably worn with long riding boots.

Jodhpurs or Jods are they called more popularly, are full length riding pants that can be worn with shorter boots. These are more commonly worn by beginners as the instructors can easily notice their leg movements. Most jodhpurs have knee patches that offer protection to the rider’s knees.

But jodhpurs are typically made of cotton, which may become damp on a sunny day. They would also take longer to. Cotton jodhpurs tend to wear out quickly. If you intend to buy good jodhpurs, it will cost you more than other horse-riding pants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Are leggings ok to wear for horse riding?

To ride a horse, you need unique clothing. The pants which you should wear for riding should be comfortable, lightweight, durable, and should protect you from injuries. Unfortunately, leggings don’t have such features. You can ride in leggings, but they will not be as comfortable as wearing breeches or riding tights.

#2. What do you wear to go horseback riding?

You should wear long pants to prevent your legs from chafing against the saddle. You can wear breeches, riding tights, and jeans for horse riding. But it’s best to wear riding tights as it has all the essential features that a rider needs at riding.

#3. Can you wear sneakers for horseback riding?

No sneakers are not considered safe for horse riding. It is important that riding boots have heels. This is not a fashion choice but it is required for safety. Heels protect your feet from accidently sliding from the stirrups.

Sneakers don’t have a heel and your foot could easily slip. Also, they wouldn’t protect your skin from rubbing against the saddle. So I will recommend not to wear them at the time of riding. Closed-toe shoes with small heels are a good option for riding. Material of your riding shoes will depend on the weather in which you are riding. You are riding in winters, in the snow, you would need something that is water proof and would keep your feet insulated. On the other hand, if you are riding in summers, you would need an option that is breathable.

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Wrap Up

Horse riding is a great sporting activity that is good for both physical and mental health. Many people do yoga as well as horse riding. 

So they might think wearing yoga pants while riding is a good option. I will advise them not to wear them as they do not provide much comfort when riding. 

You should go for riding tights, especially if you are committed to horse riding. These pants will last for two to three years. So you don’t have to worry about the cost and durability.

Enjoy your riding sessions!