How Accurate is Fitbit Yoga?

Fitbit are one of the few devices that can track yoga. But how accurate is Fitbit Yoga? And how can you use Fitbit yoga properly? Read on to know more.

Using Fitbit is an excellent way of monitoring your yoga activity. But in reality, many people find it unusual when we talk about Fitbit and yoga together. 

Fitbit is known for tracking the number of calories while exercising and keeping track of various exercises like running, working out in the gym, swimming, and more. 

But yes, Fitbit can also be used for tracking the number of calories you burn while doing yoga. 

In this article, we will help you understand: 

  • How does Fitbit work? 
  • How accurate is Fitbit Yoga? 
  • Things to know about wearing a Fitbit in Yoga class
How Accurate Is Fitbit Yoga
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How does Fitbit Work? 

Fitbit is a leader in the category of fitness trackers. It comes with all functions and features that a fitness enthusiast needs for tracking their fitness level. 

Fitbit devices have an accelerometer to measure the movements of a wearer. The accelerometer tracks the person’s movement and then translates them into a digital form to count the number of calories you burn, the number of steps you have taken, and much more. 

Fitbit runs on its own separate operating system instead of Android Wear. It is the most helpful device for people who want to live a healthy life in their weight loss regime. With the help of Fitbit, one can transform their life for better overall wellbeing. 

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How Does Fitbit Work For Yoga?

As we know, Fitbit counts the steps, measures the movement data, and more, but how does it work for yoga? Yoga is not counted as the same exercise as walking, running, or any high-intensity activity. 

However, many people consider it one of the best ways to lose weight or reduce stress levels. We all know that yoga is all about stretching muscles and strengthening the core, so how can a Fitbit help in tracking your yoga activity? There are different Yoga styles, like Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Hatha, and a few more. Every type has a way of exerting your body. Fitbit can help with each type in a different way.

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Fitbit And Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a fast-paced style of yoga that is specially designed for cardiovascular endurance. Though Power Yoga is not an official form of yoga, it is based heavily on Vinyasa Yoga. It requires more focus on breathing, so while doing Power Yoga, your heart rate goes up, much more than other forms of yoga. That is why people who are into Power Yoga tend to use Fitbit to track their fitness levels, blood pressure and heart rate. This helps them keep a track on their vitals and understand how well they are performing their asanas. 

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How Accurate Is Fitbit Yoga? 

While there are no studies available online, many users find that Fitbit is accurate nearly 70% of the time. Fitbit comes with pre-programmed apps, like running, walking and yoga. It gives you the most accurate results for Yoga when you set the device into Yoga mode.

High-end Fitbit devices are more accurate, and have many more features whereas the entry-level ones are not as accurate. Fitbit Charge 5, infact, computes what it calls your readiness score based on your activity level that day, fluctuation in heart rate, sleep duration etc, to recommend if you should take it light today and perform simple yoga or are you prepared for more strenuous regimes.

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How Many Calories Can You Burn Through Yoga?

The answer to this question depends on various factors like age, weight, level of intensity, your fitness level, and the type of yoga you are performing. Every Yoga session gives different results, and different types of Yoga have different results as well. 

  • With Yoga Sculpt, you can burn between 100 and 180 calories in 15 minutes
  • Doing P90x Yoga for 15 minutes can help you burn anywhere between 75 to 100 calories
  • You can burn anywhere between 90 to 230 calories in a single DDP yoga session of 15 minutes.
  • A 15 minute session of advanced Vinayasa Yoga will burn nearly 110 calories
  • You can burn nearly 80 calories in a 15 minute Power Yoga session
  • Hot Yoga helps you burn around 130 calories in 15 minutes

How To Set Up A Fitbit For A Yoga Session? 

Usually, all Fitbit models come with 15 or more trackable programs. But to set FitBit for a Yoga session, you need to follow few steps; they are given below: 

  • The first step is pairing your Fitbit with a smartphone; with the help of bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect your activity tracker with your phone. 
  • You need to see whether yoga is on the list of workouts or not. Check for yoga and then re-sync your device. 
  • Now open the exercise app on your Fitbit and select yoga to start your tracking. 

The above steps must be followed in the same sequence and are essential to track your vitals while doing Power Yoga. 

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Things To Know About Wearing A Fitbit To A Yoga Class 

Water Resistance

Power Yoga or Hot Yoga are high-intensity workouts; they lead to a lot of sweating, and Hot Yoga is even done at sauna-like temperatures. It is essential to go for a water-resistant Fitbit if you are performing Power Yoga.

As for Hot Yoga, you should avoid wearing Fitbit or any other fitness tracker as the temperature at which Hot Yoga is performed might be outside the prescribed limits of using your Fitbit. Before wearing your fitness tracker for Hot Yoga, do remember to check the instructions and the temperature range at which your fitness band can be used.  

Do Not Disturb

You must might want to turn on the Do Not Disturb Mode during your yoga practice to avoid getting distracted by constant calls and messages. 

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Answers To More Questions About Fitbit For Yoga

Is Fitbit accurate for Yoga? 

Just like other activities, Fitbit is also accurate for yoga. Accuracy improves with the model; the better the model, the better the accelerometer, and therefore the more accurate are the calorie count readings.

Does Yoga Count as active minutes on Fitbit? 

Active minutes are not only countable through steps; in fact, non-step-based activities like yoga also count as active minutes on Fitbit. 

Is Fitbit accurate for calories burned? 

Fitbit is one of the most accurate devices to count the number of calories burnt. Earlier it was used primarily by runners to track their metrics, but over the years, fitbit has evolved and offers a number of programs that track various activities like walking, cycling, HIIT, swimming etc.

Wrap Up

If you are looking to buy a Fitbit for yoga, go for it! It is most useful for tracking more intense yoga practices like DDP Yoga, Power Yoga etc. Make sure you chose the Yoga program on your fitness tracker so that it is able to track your heart rate and calories burnt most accurately.

Enjoy your yoga session and Fitbit!