What Shirt to Wear with Yoga Pants to School?

You can easily play with yoga pants and pair them with any top or shoes of your choice. But if you want to be particular and wish to know what shirt to wear with yoga pants to school, then read ahead!

Selecting what to wear with yoga pants to school can be a perplexing task, particularly when you are a beginner. Deciding what to wear to the yoga class the next day can save your time and energy in the morning.

As yoga is gaining popularity, people are looking for more uses out of the super comfortable yoga pants, beyond their classic functionality during the yoga practice.

What to Wear with Yoga Pants to School
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Most of us find it easy to visit e-commerce sites and look for our ideal yoga wear. When planning to invest in new yoga wear or planning to mix and match from your wardrobe, doing a little prior research can help a lot. This article will explore the ideal yoga wear and what shirt to wear with yoga pants to school.

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Fabric Selection

Let us first understand the fabric to select for your yoga clothes. You should choose a fabric that breathes with you.

Although some people consider loose clothes as ideal for yoga, they might not necessarily be comfortable. Wearing clothes that are too loose or too tight should be avoided as some asanas (yoga poses) become challenging while wearing such clothes.

The important thing is to look for are fabrics that are comfortable and breathable at the same time. Yoga wear comes in various natural fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo linen, and even recycled coffee grounds for eco-conscious people. Natural fabrics make your skin feel less irritated after sweating during your practice.

There are plenty of yoga tops available in the market. Your tops should not move around too much when you practice yoga, else it might become obstructive for your practice.

Thus, while looking out for yoga tops, ensure that they fit your well and are slightly body hugging, so that they don’t ride up when your arms are raised high or fall when you are in V shape or upside down.  

With the number of forward bends in yoga postures, it is advisable to wear a shirt or top with a high neckline as it won’t be too revealing.

Cute Outfit with Yoga Pants
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Wearing Elastic Tops Can Help Stretch

Selecting yoga wear that is comfortable and with modest coverage is best for yoga. It will not reveal much, and you wouldn’t have to tug in your shirt constantly during your yoga class.

Stretchable t-shirts that are blended with cotton and designed to hug the torso, work well for both women and men.

Women could also look for yoga tops that have built-in bras. These types of tops help you avoid an extra piece of clothing and you wouldn’t be worried about your bra showing.

Selecting Colors That Blend

You should select light-colored and earthy tones of tops that blend well with the calming influence of practicing yoga. Those who wish to be fashionable can go for design details like embroidery and print.

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Choosing Clothes Based On The Time Of Day

If you practice yoga during dawn or in the morning, or in winter, you would have to add extra layers to your shirt. It would help you protect yourself from the cold during these times.

Yoga centers have air-conditioning too, which can make the environment cold. Wearing a lightweight sweatshirt over a tank top will help keep you warm, and it can always be taken off if it gets too hot for you.

Wearing Yoga Pants to School
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Yoga Wear Can Transition Into Formal Wear 

As more places offer yoga, yoga pants are becoming more acceptable in formal places such as schools and offices.

Wearing yoga pants that are non-revealing and opaque are usually allowed in schools. Pants made of thicker fabrics like structured knits or stretchy tweeds can be worn to school. Wearing a longer-length shirt or a top that extends beyond the waist to the midthigh can be worn.

However, if schools have a code of uniforms to wear, then wearing yoga pants will not be appropriate at school. 

Since yoga pants are comfortable, they can be worn outside yoga class, as they could double up as leggings as well.

A-line dresses and tunics can be worn over yoga pants when they function as leggings. These in a blend of silk, linen, or cotton and loose sheath will go along well with yoga pants.  

Shirt to Wear With Yoga Pants
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Let Us Now See What To Wear With Yoga Leggings

The type of shirts which can be worn with yoga leggings are typically those that are long and cover your behind. A button-down longer shirt or a chambray shirt is a good choice to pair up with leggings.

For a casual look, you can go for flowy shirts. These will break the fitted look of your yoga leggings and bring in some balance.

Add pattern or designs to either your top or your leggings. Too many colors or patterns can look very jarring. If you are wearing solid leggings then go for funky shirts and vice-versa.

To complete your casual look, add a pair of flats or shoes, along with a tote bag!

For formal settings, you should choose yoga leggings that come in solid colors. With these, you should select shirts or formal tops that are not too tight. Rather if they are loosely fitted, they would go best with yoga leggings. The fabric of these shirts should be breathable to allow you to wear them comfortably all day long. 

You could also add a broad belt to accentuate your waist and make the look more elegant. Pair these up with a good pair of heels and bag and you are good to go!

If you are wearing a dress along with your yoga leggings, make sure that these are the right length. You can go for dresses that are mini or maxi. Wearing dresses that end mid-thigh or at your calves will not look very stylish.

For a crisp look, ensure that your leggings don’t gather at your ankle.

It is a time to show off your couture skills, and mixing the right shirt with yoga pants will make you a super hit! Use our tips and get the best out of those yoga pants.

What Shoes To Wear With Yoga Pants?

While yoga is practiced bare feet, they look good with a variety of footwear options.

If you are wearing yoga leggings under casual settings, causal shoes like lace-up sneakers, slip-on sneakers, loafers or even slides and slippers would go. This athleisure look is great for everyday wear.

If you want to dress up a little, you could pair your yoga leggings with a nice pair of pumps or ballet flats. This would give you a sophisticated look while continuing to wear comfortable clothing.

Shoes to wear with yoga pants
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Type Of Pants For Practicing Yoga  

Pants with an elastic waistband conforming to the body’s shape are best to wear while practicing yoga. You can wear yoga pants which are available with a foldable waist to add extra comfort.

Capri-style yoga pants are popular among women and men. Those men who wear board shorts needn’t buy an extra pair of shorts for practicing yoga.

If you plan to practice yoga regularly, you should go for good quality pants. For instance your yoga pants should remain opaque even while going into deep stretches.

Similarly, yoga leggings should not roll down down while bending or stretching. This could be distracting as you would try to pull them up in the middle of your pose.   

Yoga pants with a great build, do not stretch quickly. It’s only after repeated use, over the years, you’ll find the fabric to have lost some of its elasticity. Also, make sure that you follow the was instructions provided on your yoga pants if you want them to last longer without stretching.

Wrap Up

Yoga leggings have gained popularity over the years. Wearing yoga leggings is a great option across different settings. If allowed by your school, you can pair them with a long top or a shirt. You can further style yourself by adding the right pair of footwear and bag.

Shoes to Wear to Yoga
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