Do Yoga Pants Make You Look Thinner?

Everyone is looking for that magic wand to hide their bulge and spare tires. So do Yoga pants make you look thinner? Are yoga pants the answer to your prayers? Let’s find out.

While shopping, you might often check some key criteria for what type of fitting goes with your body type: tight or loose, what color suits you, and most importantly, do you look good in it? 

It is so common for girls to want to look thinner. Women’s body types are numerous, and all women should embrace them. But there is no sin in trying to look a bit thinner! There is indeed no way you can look ten pounds slim instantly, but with the right choice of clothes, you can achieve a better and thinner look for sure. 

You can achieve such a thinning effect by wearing some types of clothes. For example, darker colors, A-line dresses, bodysuits, etc., make you look slim. Darker colors like black, navy blue, maroon can make you look more attractive as well. 

While people argue that leggings make you look fat, yoga pants have a thinning effect. Although some leggings of solid dark color make your leg look skinnier, yet many women say that leggings are not a great option for women with big thighs.

Do Yoga Pants Make You Look Thinner

How Can Yoga Pants Make You Look Thinner?

Here is a list of things that contribute to the slimming effect you feel when you wear one.

Tucking the tummy

Well, many women have what we call our “guild baby,” aka food belly. It refers to your bloated stomach. Indigestion, over-eating, empty stomach, etc., can cause a bloated stomach. It is also another by-product of menstruation. 

To sum up, women experience bloating more often than one can think! It is needless to say that it isn’t the most flattering thing. Here, yoga pants come to the rescue. They effortlessly hide your food belly with their high-waist design giving you a more flattering waistline.

A thinner look does make you more confident to face the world. Leggings, on the other hand, do not have such a firm waistband. Thus it makes your stomach look fat.

Compressing the Extra Fat Tissues

Not all tight pants make you look thinner. Some tights look bad on you and make you look fat. One of the many properties of yoga pants is their compressive nature. It is supposed to be form-fitting and not loose. Thus, it works well to compress all your fatty tissues in the thigh.

You can experience the so-called “hourglass” figurine with yoga pants. Most Yoga pants use lycra mixed with other fabrics, including cotton. 

Lycra gives them the compressibility and comfort factor. While compression pants could do the same, their material isn’t comfortable, and you can’t wear them for casual purposes. 

To conclude, yoga pants do not make you look fat but give you a more slim look. While leggings look good on skinny legs, yoga pants make your legs look skinnier. 

Do Yoga Pants Make You Look Thinner

High-Density Non-Translucent Fabric

Yoga pants are made of thick fabric so that you can use them for athletics. Yoga pants come with a wide band and non-translucent fabric that stays in place. 

It works in favor of making you look thin, while pants like leggings made of thin fabric end up making you look fat, exposing unflattering fatty tissues of your body. 

It is quite ironic that thick yoga pants make you look thin. Dark-colored yoga pants are all you need to get a thin-looking bottom.

Other Reasons Why You Should Wear Yoga Pants


As mentioned earlier, yoga pants use a blend of fabric that makes them stretchable and breathable, which makes them so comfortable that you won’t even feel the urge to remove them and can wear it all day long, even at night. 

The blend of fabric includes moisture-wicking fabric that prevents sweat from getting accumulated, thus preventing irritation. 

New varieties of yoga pants are coming up in the market that control odor, give your body a shape, and, most importantly, are more comfortable. 

Compared to other options available to the ladies such as trousers, leggings, jeans, jeggings, Yoga pants stand out as the most comfortable piece of clothing a woman can own. 

Even men’s yoga pants are in trend due to the level of comfort it allows, along with its style.

Do Yoga Pants Make You Look Thinner

Best for Exercising

Before buying your workout outfit, one must check a few criteria for the selected pants. During exercise you tend to sweat a lot, so you should buy both top and bottom wear which has a good moisture-wicking capacity. 

You don’t want to look soggy and become uncomfortable while exercising. Next, you would want to check for its stretchability to allow you to do a greater extent of exercise. It should allow free body movements and should not restrict any part of the body. 

The next thing in the checklist should be the material. It should be thick enough. Otherwise, you would face wardrobe malfunction and result in embarrassment. 

Yoga pants are positive in all the criteria, including moisture-wicking and stretchable material, thick yet comfortable. So hands down, it’s the best pants for any type of exercise, be it running or Zumba.

It goes Perfectly with any outfit

Yoga pants are in trend, and the reason behind that is their style. Since its first sale by Lululemon, various companies have come up with new designs to keep it in style. Various hosiery companies sell a wide variety of yoga pants. 

These pants match with almost every top. It is made high-waisted; therefore, it looks great short or crop tops. Yoga pants are sold in different sizes as well. You can even wear it inside a dress as shapewear. Yoga pants prove to be the more worthy clothing in your wardrobe due to their versatility.

Men and women have adopted yoga pants to be their ultimate bottom wear and wear them in dates, offices, grocery store runs, in short, everywhere. Moreover, bottom wear like leggings, jeggings, and yoga pants make your bum look bigger and sexier.

Do Yoga Pants Make You Look Thinner


If you compare the prices of different types of bottom wear, yoga pants are probably the most inexpensive option that you have. It is also available at a wide range of prices, from which you can choose according to your need. 

Jeans and trousers are expensive if you want to buy a somewhat comfortable pair. You can buy leggings at an inexpensive rate as yoga pants, but if you compare the sustainability of both, yoga pants will prove to be more cost-effective.

Disadvantages of Yoga Pants

Like any other thing in this world, yoga pants have few things that are not exactly desirable. These are the reasons why wearing yoga pants is bad for you.

Can cause Rashes and infections

Some women have developed a habit of wearing them all the time. Well, too much of anything is not good, and this applies to yoga pants as well. The material is moisture-wicking, but after it reaches its limit, sweat does accumulate. 

Sweat favors the growth of bacterial and fungal colonies, resulting in rashes in minor cases and worse folliculitis in some of the worst cases. Several cases of severe allergies and skin conditions have been reported of men and women wearing them all day long. 

Do Yoga Pants Make You Look Thinner

Difficult to clean

Due to its moisture-wicking property and thick mixture of fabric makes it almost impossible to clean. These loved properties make dirt and sweat stick to it. 

Unlike cotton, it does not absorb water. Thus dirt particles remain inside the fabric without you even feeling dirty. This gross reality leaves doubt about the level of cleanliness of the pants while wearing them after the wash.

Answers To More Questions About Yoga Pants

Do leggings make you look thinner?

Some tight leggings might give a slim look, but it mostly makes you look fat due to the thin fabric and a low waistline.

Which leggings make you look the thinnest?

Any solid dark color leggings would give an illusion of skinny legs. Thick leggings of dark color could do a good job.

Do Yoga Pants Make You Look Thinner

Is it OK to wear yoga pants in public?

Although some schools ban yoga pants, there is no reason not to wear them in public places. They are good for casual wear.

Do Lululemon leggings make you look skinny?

Lululemon Is known for its yoga pants, being the company that first started producing them. So, yes, Lululemon yoga pants make you look skinnier.

Yoga Pants Do Make You Look Thinner!

To conclude, yoga pants are a great option for a workout given that they are breathable, comfortable, thick, stretchable, and their inexpensive price range. It can also be considered a good option for casual wear. 

But you should keep in mind that pants like leggings and yoga pants should not be worn all day long. It is comforting. Thus you may want to stay in them forever. 

But as discussed, it is not very hygienic and can result in skin conditions. So, it is advisable to regularly clean yoga pants and restrict their use.