What To Wear With Grey Yoga Pants?

Grey yoga pants don’t go with everything. Let’s see what to wear with grey yoga pants.

Like Mark Zukerberg loves his grey t-shirts, I too like the color grey. I recently bought grey yoga pants, but none of my t-shirts or tops were going with them. 

After much research and trial, I bought some colorful t-shirts that go very well with my pants. I sometimes pair my pants with some accessories also when I am out in public wearing yoga pants.

Yoga pants have gained popularity beyond indoor yoga classes. As much as they are great indoors, they are comfortable outdoors also. This versatile set of pants are worn not just during yoga workouts but has gained popularity in complementing the attire in many different ways, making it a must-have in your wardrobe.

What To Wear With Grey Yoga Pants

Yoga pants come in different colors and for different body types. The yoga pants aren’t just confined to the color black anymore and have various colors to choose from. 

One of the popular colors for selecting yoga pants is the color grey. With the versatility of the color, it is preferred and liked by many, just like me. In this article, we will explore what to wear with a pair of grey yoga pants.

What Are The Colors That Can Be Worn With Grey Yoga Pants?

Grey is a versatile color in yoga pants. It’s neither too dark nor too light and goes well with lots of colors when combined. Let us see the colors that define a style statement for men and women wearing grey yoga pants. 

Starting for a monochromatic look, Grey goes along well with Grey. A black top goes well with Grey; other solid and bright colors include black, Navy Blue, White, Electric blue, Gold, Pink, Yellow, Dark Green, Red, Lime, Purple, Teal, Orange, etc. give a pop of color when accompanied with Grey.

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What Styles To Wear With Grey Yoga Pants?

You can pair gray colors with diverse colors. let’s take a look at the styles with which you can pair up grey yoga pants for men and women

Styles To Wear For Men


Athleisure wear being in trend nowadays helps in wearing comfortable outfits indoors and outdoors. Grey yoga pants are worn indoors with athleisure crew neck or V-neck t-shirts while working out in the gym, during yoga classes, and outdoors while doing errands to the park or grocery shopping.

You can accessorize the style by wearing a fitness band and running shoes, and a hood keeping it chic. 

One look that can be worn using this style for men is a Navy-Blue V neck t-shirt worn with grey yoga pants paired with white running shoes accessorized with a fitness band. 

You can achieve another look by adding a black or charcoal grey hood in errands outdoors in cooler weather.

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You can wear grey yoga pants with a solid t-shirt and a denim jacket paired with white sneakers. This look can be put together with a cap and sunglasses for the street-style casual look.

Winter wear: 

Yoga pants are of great comfort during winters as they are easy to slip into and keep warm while making you look fashionable. Pairing up Grey yoga pants with solid t-shirts and a bomber jacket creates a style statement of its own.

The style is comfortable and trendy. One such look for men wearing bomber jackets with grey yoga pants is a white t-shirt on top of grey yoga pants and a black or gold bomber jacket.             

These are a few styles to wear with grey yoga pants for men.

What To Wear With Grey Yoga Pants

Styles To Wear For Women

Yoga pants are perfect for sports activities as well as outdoor activities for women.


For women, yoga pants can be worn as athleisure wear, ideal for lounging or walking pets outdoors. Whether they are picking up groceries or going out shopping on a casual Sunday afternoon, yoga pants are a comfortable choice to pick from the wardrobe. You can wear grey yoga pants with a neon sports bra with solid tank tops, making it a practical choice for hot summer afternoons. Another savvy option is to pair high-waisted grey yoga pants with crop tops. You can accessorize this look with fitness bands and favorite headbands.   

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Streetwear for women is modern, contemporary, and all about comfort. Denim is a classic choice for an effortless street-style look. A denim jacket worn on top of a basic white t-shirt paired with grey yoga pants and white sneakers gives a minimalistic look.

You can also substitute denim jackets with oversized plaid shirts for a lighter and casual look. If you like to express your edgier style, you can put grey yoga pants together with a black t-shirt, a black leather jacket, and black ankle boots.     


Yoga pants are an excellent option to wear at work as it provides comfort for long hours. The ways you can pair grey yoga pants with solid-colored shirts. One such look is a solid white shirt worn over grey yoga pants paired with strappy heels.

You can layer this look with a navy blue blazer or a long cardigan giving a more formal look for your office meetings. You can accessorize the style with a statement bag and wristwatch. For a dressier outfit pair, the grey yoga pants with a printed tunic and pump shoes.     

What To Wear With Grey Yoga Pants

Winter wear: 

Yoga pants can be worn all year round when combined with the right piece of clothing. They make you look fashionable even during cold winter months as well as keeping you warm. Some yoga pants come with fleece lining. 

If your grey yoga pants also have fleece lining, you can wear them comfortably during winters. You can wear grey yoga pants with a stylish solid colored fashionable hoodie which makes a style statement and keeps you warm during winters. 

Printed and solid-colored sweater, cardigan paired with sneakers give a trendy look for those keeping it warm during winter. You can also pair up grey yoga pants with sweatshirts for an easy-going look. 

A camel/black trench coat or a longline cardigan, a fuzzy jumper, and grey yoga pants can be an interesting winter ensemble. You can coordinate this attire with matching thigh-high boots and a knitted scarf for a stylish winter outing.

What To Wear With Grey Yoga Pants

Wrap Up

Yoga pants have become a must-have versatile pair of clothing for the wardrobe of men and women. It’s not just for workouts for the gym or practicing yoga in the studio but has now become a style statement for many wearing it outdoors, doing errands for themselves, walking their pets, and even going to malls.

It is worn indoors for lounging and gives the utmost comfort to the wearer. These pants have made their way even to workplaces particularly for women as it helps them stay comfortable with the stretch it provides enabling them to work long hours with comfort and ease. 

The pants can be worn all year round and put together with different types of jackets, t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, and denim.

It can also be accessorized with caps, sunglasses, fitness bands, scarves, mufflers, wristwatches, headbands while being paired with different types of sneakers, slippers, flip flops, running shoes, and boots. The color grey in yoga pants is trending, and it can go well with almost anything.