Do Yoga Pants Keep You Warm?

Yoga pants are the hottest and most comfortable trend of the 21st century. But do yoga pants keep you warm in the cold months? Let us find out.

Yoga pants came into existence at the end of the 19th century. Lululemon first manufactured and sold these pants. Soon many other companies started manufacturing them by using different ratios of Lycra and nylon.

Today, you cannot imagine a world without yoga pants. People no longer use them only for yoga or exercise. Yoga Pants are casual wear, and men and women love them due to their comfort. 

Companies create yoga pants of various sizes and designs. Its versatility makes it popular among all age groups. Some people believe that another benefit of yoga pants is to keep you warm. But is it true?. 

Do Yoga Pants Keep You Warm

What Makes Yoga Pants Warm?


Yoga Pants have a blend of different fabric materials. The main constituent of the yoga pants is a synthetic fabric called Lycra.

Lycra is composed of polyester and polyurethane. Lycra is heat resistant which means that in summer, it would not allow heat to get past your body, and in winter, it would not allow heat to escape your body.

Moreover, special yoga pants for winter are fleece lined. Manufacturers obtain fleece fiber from synthetic and natural sources, proven to be a blessing for winter clothes. Fleece yarn makes any piece of cloth automatically warm and cozy. 

Different manufactures use different ratios of Lycra and other materials to make winter yoga pants comfortable and warm.

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Compression Capability

Yoga Pants are tight-fitting pants that naturally generate compression in the fat tissues of your lower back, belly, thigh, and lower legs. 

Compression helps your body to generate heat. As discussed before, yoga pants do not allow this heat to escape. Therefore it keeps you warm all the time. 

Again, Yoga pants are made of moisture-wicking material, which lets go of the sweat but retains the heat. 

To sum up, yes, Yoga pants keep you dry, comfortable, and warm on chilly winter days. 

Do Yoga Pants Keep You Warm

Pros and Cons of Yoga Pants

Why Should You Wear Yoga Pants?

Many women have incorporated yoga pants into their lives like no other clothing because of their huge list of pros. You can exercise and sweat as much as you want to without feeling a bit of moisture as it dries off quickly due to its moisture-wicking nature. 

It is called “yoga” pants which is justified because of the variety of poses you can do while wearing as it is highly stretchable. It is also tough and durable, thus perfect for any exercise.

It has become trendy for both men and women due to its versatility. You can wear it with any top and for any occasion, be it brunch, a grocery run, or work. It is also debated that it makes you look thinner and sexier. It makes your leg look skinnier, your waist looks thin, and gives your bum density. Thus, giving an illusion of a perfect hourglass figure.

Yoga pants are comfortable due to their breathable fabric. If you feel that comfort comes first, yoga pants are definitely for you. It keeps you warm and cozy while allowing you to do all types of work.

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Why Should You Not Wear Yoga Pants?

Well, there is no harm in wearing yoga pants within reasonable limits. Its harmful effects come when you start wearing it all the time. Many cases have been reported where women who wore yoga pants all the time developed serious skin issues.

Even if you are lucky and do not get problems such as folliculitis, you may suffer from rashes and infections. The reason for such rashes is very clear. Its moisture-wicking nature makes dirt particles stick to it, which results in rashes.

Moreover, as it generates heat, it also causes some sweat. Most of the sweat dries up, but it makes the area humid and warm, which is ideal for the growth of microorganisms such as fungus and bacteria.

Yoga pants are difficult to clean as compared to cotton leggings. The synthetic fibers of yoga pants do not let them absorb any water. Therefore, you should wash yoga pants regularly to prevent germs.

Yoga pants are good for mild winter days, but they would not help once the temperature falls below a certain point. 

Do Yoga Pants Keep You Warm

Other Pants That Will Keep You Warm

Fleece-lined leggings

Fleece-lined leggings are very popular during winter. Fleece-lined leggings are normal leggings lined with a layer of fleece which is knitted synthetic fibers.

Leggings have the compressional capacity, which makes the body produce its heat, while fleece provides the additional heat.

Fleece-lined leggings are said to be comfortable and keep you warm in the winter. You can pair it up with any top. You can also wear it under a long dress to keep your legs warm.

Thermal Leggings

Thermal leggings are made of 2-ply fabric. That is, they have an added layer of either cotton wool or synthetic fiber. The two-ply structures act as an insulating layer. 

Thermal leggings do not let body heat escape, thus keeping you warm for a long time. Thermal leggings are usually as an undergarment during winters. 

They are cost-effective solutions for winters.

Do Yoga Pants Keep You Warm

Cottonwool Thermal pants

Cottonwool thermal pants are unisex pants. These are very similar to thermal leggings. They are made of cottswool, which is caused by mixing cotton and wool threads in varying ratios. 

Wool ensures warmth and insulation of body heat, while cotton provides breathability to the material. 

You can wear them under your normal clothing as they are very thin and comfortable. Thermal pants do not add extra volume to your clothes as they are just two layers of fabric. 

Fleece Sweatpants

These are hybrid sweatpants that have a lining of fleece. Sweatpants are known for their compressing factor. 

Compression gives rise to heat which is a great source of warmth in winter. Body heat is an autonomous source thus works for a long time.

A lining of fleece ensures that this heat does not escape the pants. Fleece lining also contributes to additional warmth and comfort. 

Do Yoga Pants Keep You Warm

Ski Pants

Ski pants are made of synthetic fibers, including nylon and polyester. These pants are also called snow pants. 

The mixture of polyester and nylon results in the waterproof nature of these pants. These are very light, breathable pants that are perfect for snowy winters. 

These are mostly loose-fitted as compared to leggings or yoga pants. It does not provide much warmth; rather, it prevents water or chilled wind past them.

Fleece Joggers 

These are simple joggers lined with fleece to add extra warmth. These are comfortable and cozy. 

You can wear them while running or doing similar kinds of exercises. You can also wear them casually by pairing them with any top or t-shirt of your choice.

Quilted trousers

Quilted trousers are made by stitching two layers of fabrics with pads or air pockets in between them. For the longest time, these clothes dominated the winter wear market. 

The padding provides good insulation that keeps you warm even on the chilliest days of winter. 

Fleece Track Pants

These are simple track pants lined with fleece. You can wear them at home or for regular use. These are easy to get into, unlike leggings or yoga pants. 

These pants are perfect for quick grocery runs, walking, running, etc., during winter. Fleece-lined clothes are great for winter but can also be worn after winter.

Do Yoga Pants Keep You Warm

Answers To More Questions About Pants That Keep You Warm

What type of pants keeps you the warmest?

Quilted trousers provide maximum insulation, therefore keeping you the warmest. You can also try pairing two warm garments if you live where winters are harsh.

For example, you can wear thermal leggings inside your quilted trousers or fleece-lined track pants.

Are yoga pants good for winter?

Yes, yoga pants are good for winter as they provide heat by compression. Its fabric is also thick and acts as an insulator.

It might not be effective when the temperature is too low.

Do jeans or leggings keep you warmer?

Some types of leggings, like fleece-lined leggings, are designed to keep you warm. Normal leggings are too thin and fail to provide any insulation during winter. 

Do Yoga Pants Keep You Warm

Do leggings keep you warm?

Although leggings provide some compression, they do not offer any insulation. 

The material of regular leggings is too thin. Thus they are ineffective against winter. 

Some leggings are made with synthetic fibers or lined with fleece to provide insulation. Such leggings keep you warm. 

Yoga Pants Do Keep You Warm!

Yoga pants are potential leg warmers as they provide both compression and insulation. As it is made of synthetic fibers like Lycra and nylon, it provides good insulation.

Lycra is heat resistant, thus restricting body heat from escaping. 

Yoga pant manufacturers have also come up with fleece-lined or warm-lined yoga pants that provide added insulation. 

Yoga pants are now in use even in winters. You can also try alternatives such as thermal trousers or fleece-lined clothing, popular in the winter apparel market.