When Your Yoga practice is wild, you set yourself free.

Come experience deep peace, vibrant joy, and radiant interconnectedness.

Nature – Community – You

Twice daily yoga classes June 1st – September 7th for you and your family in parks across the United States!

How do you feel when you spend time outside? Imagine that feeling infused with breath, new perspectives, and the naturally processing and stirring effects of yoga. What does a mountain feel like when the sky is the flipped upside down? How to I relate to wind tousling my tree pose? What does it mean to ground down into the earth when the earth is right below my feet? Yoga in Your Park aims to ground you in your bliss. Fall in love, again and again, with the earth.

Come explore what it means to be embodied and alive. We will use the self inquiry and self study practices of yoga asana (postures), breathing, speaking and listening – in community – to integrate body-mind-spirit. All yogis welcome (beginner to Richard Freeman).

We offer twice daily yoga classes in locations that will expand your mind, and private yoga for those of you who want Inner Guide support or private group yoga. We can help you and your loved ones connect and create a healthy, meaningful experiences through private yoga.

Yoga in your Park is a program of Children Families & Communities, a tax exempt non-profit organization.

Our call is to integrity. We are creating a yoga program, but we are committed to creating the world we want to call ours.

“There are moments in one’s life that appear at first to be a bit unplanned , spontaneous  , where one is pulled to something quite out of the ordinary  and out of one’s comfort zone . Yet days, sometimes months ,even years later , one finds that moment  to be a transformational  point in one’s life . A few  summers ago I had traveled across the country to  visit some dear  relatives who had been vacationing in Maine. At that point I had been newer in my yoga practice , was a bit shy and even a bit self conscious , yet I was drawn to try a class that I had seen advertised about a sunset yoga class on top of Cadillac Mountain . That decision to take that class was a pivotal point in my life , watching the sunset as I practiced yoga atop a beautiful mountain in one of our nation’s magnificent national parks changed my life’s path forever .”

- Student & Now Teacher for Yoga in Your Park