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Nature – Community – You

How do you feel when you spend time outside? Imagine that feeling infused with breath, new perspectives, and the naturally processing and stirring effects of yoga. What does Cadillac mountain feel like when the sky is the flipped upside down? How to I relate to wind tousling my tree pose? What does it mean to ground down into the earth when the earth is right below my feet? Yoga in your Park aims to ground you in your bliss. Come explore what it means to live embodied and alive. We will use the self inquiry and self study practices of yoga asana (postures), breathing, speaking and listening – in community – to integrate body-mind-spirit. 

Yoga in your Park is a grassroots program founded in 2009 on the idea that one yoga practitioner and newly minted teacher, Ellen Sevigny, could teach just what she loves. So, Yoga in your Park was born as an offering. It continues to be an offering even today, as each instructor offers their heart-felt intention, love, and commitment to you, by getting out there each day and rooting down to open up with you.

We offer this practice because it changes the way we relate with the earth. When we continually check in with how we relate to the earth, not just in a thoughtful way, but in a physical and embodied way, we cannot help but naturally tilt towards caring for the earth and each other in daily and more profound ways. It is a practice of daily commitments that will allow us to create a life-sustaining culture (see the teachings of Joanna Macy for more information ). We are here to inspire, support and ignite your practices that care for you, other people, and our land. This is yoga for all practice levels: each instructor supports the very beginner to the most seasoned yogi.

We offer twice daily yoga classes in locations that will expand your mind, and “special occasion yoga” to help you and your loved ones connect and create a healthy, meaningful vacation through private yoga. Yoga in your Park is a program of Children Families & Communities, a tax exempt non-profit organization. Our call is to integrity. We are creating a yoga program, but we are committed to creating the world we want.

Yoga in the Park was honored “Best of Maine” 2013 by Down East Magazine. Check out our practice that is of the earth and out of this world at the following link: http://www.downeast.com/best-maine-self-2013/