Do Yoga Pants Stretch Over Time?

There is a very simple answer to the question “why do yoga pants stretch over time?” If you wish to know about this and other aspects of yoga pants read ahead.

For those who practice yoga for an active lifestyle, they must own some nice pairs of yoga pants. Yoga pants come in different sizes and for different body types as well. Thus, it is important to understand your type of yoga pants before buying.

Firstly, we need to ensure that yoga pants are comfortable as yoga poses also involve stretching and breathing exercises.

Do Yoga Pants Stretch Over Time
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This brings us to the point – how should yoga pants should fit you. When purchasing your yoga pants, you should ensure that your yoga pants are tight enough and form-fitting.

If you feel that your hips are bulging out from above the waistband at the top or if the fabric stretches tightly enough that the fabric becomes sheer, the pants are of small size.

Since yoga pants are primarily worn during an exercising routine, they should fit you properly and allow you to move your legs freely without tearing off the fabric.  

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Can Yoga Pants Stretch With Use Over Time?

The answer to this question depends upon the type and brand of yoga pants you own. Long time use of pants can also lead to wearing out of the material, this can result in them stretching out.

Also if you have gained or lost weight recently, that may result in your yoga pants looking like they have stretched because of improper fitting.

If the material of your yoga pants is spandex or some other stretchy material, then they can lose their elasticity and that can cause them to stretch out.

On the label of your yoga pants, instructions would be mentioned on how to properly wash them. Make sure that you follow those instructions if you want your yoga pants to last longer without stretching.

Often people buy small-sized yoga pants, expecting that they will stretch over time and would fit better but that ruins the overall look of yoga pants on your body.

They will stretch over your body in an uneven order and look unflattering. Also, some materials shrink after the first wash, so even perfectly fitting yoga pants can be tight after it has gone through a wash and dry cycle. 

Do Leggings Stretch Over Time
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How Can I Loosen My Tight Yoga Pants?

If you have yoga pants that are too tight, you can replace them with another size that is much suitable for your body. But if the yoga pants are brand new and you don’t want the money invested in them to go to waste, then there are some hacks that you can try that will help loosen the pants a bit.

Probably the easiest way to make the pants loose would be to wear them. When you are wearing the pants, the material is stretching over your body and long-term stretching of the material will make the pants lose. You can also try doing some stretching exercises, while wearing the pants. This will help the pants stretch even more. 

If you want to make the pants loose in some specific area then try placing some big-sized object inside the pants that stretch the material in that specific area. 

You can also try spraying the pants with warm water and then stretch them out using your hands. 

Washing yoga pants in machine and drying them in the dryer could makes them shrink, so use cold water and hand wash the yoga pants if you want them to fit you properly.

If your pants are too tight, then you can try this technique of using shampoo or any other fabric softener.

Put the yoga pants into the solution of shampoo or fabric softener for half an hour and then use some sort of weight to stretch the material out and let the pants dry. This method works as the shampoo or fabric softener softens the material of the pants and thus stretching them a little.

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How To Buy Yoga Pants with a Perfect Fit?

Yoga pants are tight by design as tight-fitting pants allow you to move your legs freely while working out without the fabric bunching or getting intertwined while working out. If pants are baggy or have extra fabric, then they would not fit you right. Wearing unfitted clothing can cause distraction from exercise and even cause injuries while exercising.

We should even ensure that yoga pants are not too tight that it leads to marks or chafing on your body. It should feel like your skin feels smooth against your body which allows ease of movement.

While squatting, your underwear or your body parts should not be visible through the yoga pants. A sign of yoga pants having a higher quality is that when being stretched, they remains opaque.

Do Lululemon Pants Stretch Out
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How Do I Know If My Yoga Pants Are Tight for Me?

Although it is expected from yoga pants that they should be tight, It should never feel like the yoga pants are restricting your movements. They should allow you to move easily and feel comfortable. If yoga pants hurt during movement, then they are a size too small.

The easiest way to check whether the yoga pants are smaller than your required size, is by doing a test by moving your body. You can perform stretches, lunges, squats, and other motions while ensuring that the pants are keeping you covered at all times.

If your underpants show through your yoga pants or if your yoga pants seem overstretched, you should try a size bigger.

While stretching the pants, if they get shiny then you should go for a size bigger. If you can feel your stomach or hips pooling from above the waistband, then it implies that you need a bigger size..

Another way to identify if the yoga pants are tight is to notice any whiskering, also known as horizontal wrinkling.  

What To Do If Yoga Pants Keep Rolling Down?

If you notice your yoga pants rolling down at the waist, then it may be because of several reasons.

One reason that is most common is because you have yoga pants that are too small or you have lost weight recently. If the material sags anywhere or the pants have extra fabric then you would need a small size of those pants.

Another reason for the yoga pants to roll down is that the elastic waistband has either stretched or worn out with use for a long time. In this scenario, you have to fix the elastic or need a new pair of pants.

It can also be a possibility that the yoga pants that you have bought have lower quality and aren’t correct for the type of body that you have. In such an event, try yoga pants that are of a different material or are from a different manufacturer.

Hence, while buying another brand, you should select pants that are made with brushed fabric, as they feel softer and are comfortable enough to wear all day.  

Stretched Out Yoga Pants
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Let’s Answer Some More Questions About Yoga Pants

Should yoga pants be tight or loose?

When buying yoga pants, we need to ensure that they are tight enough and form-fitting. If your hips are bulging above the waist band or if the fabric stretches too tightly, they are small.

Do leggings stretch out over time?

Yes, leggings do stretch over time. Some of the reasons would be the fabric of the leggings, which changes after washing. Leggings also stretch according to your body type. Your leggings might also feel loose if you have recently lost weight.

Do Lululemon leggings stretch out over time?

Yes, Lululemon leggings do stretch over time as the material of the leggings is made of spandex. And as discussed earlier, spandex material stretches after some time. 

Should I size up my yoga pants?

If your current yoga pants are rolling down your tummy or the inseams are piercing within your skin, then I suppose you should get a size up.

Also, if you feel your movement is restricted in them, you should size up your yoga pants. But if you wear a particular size of a specific brand, you should always buy only after trying them. 

Yoga Pants Stretch
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Wrap Up

Yoga pants have a tight-fitted design which is supposed to feel like your second skin on your body. However, it needn’t be too tight for your body.

If your skin or underwear is visible through the pants when they are stretched, cause chafing, limit your movements, or feel uncomfortable, the pants are not of the right size and tight for you.

While looking to buy yoga pants, ensure that they are not revealing. Also, do a movement test to make sure that you have enough flexibility. If the yoga pants give a wrinkled appearance or feel restrictive, you need to choose another size.