Can You Use HTV On A Yoga Mat? How To Make Beautiful Yoga Mats At Home

If you are looking for a way to personalize your Yoga mat, you might be wondering: “Can you use HTV on a yoga mat?”. The answer is yes, you can. Read on to know more.

Being a regular yoga person, you must be having a yoga mat. Yoga mat is a vital accessory for any yoga session. 

Most affordable yoga mat come in solid colors that act as a blank canvas. If you are someone who is creative, this blank canvas will allow you to personalize the mat with different designs and names. 

You can always customize your Yoga mat to make it look more attractive. Since Yoga mats are manufactured with foam, an extremely delicate material, it is essential to use HTV at low temperatures to decorate the mat. If you are wondering how to use HTV and if it is ok to decorate your yoga mat with HTV, then continue reading ahead! 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • What is HTV? 
  • How to apply HTV to a yoga mat?
  • How do you iron or heat press a yoga mat? 
  • Answers to other questions about yoga mats and HTV
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What Is HTV? 

HTV or Heat Transfer Vinyl is a vinyl majorly used to decorate apparel, bags, and other accessories. It is a product that you can use for decorating different fabrics to personalize your accessories and make the item more attractive. 

HTV comes in form of a roll or a sheet, with an adhesive at the back for easy application. Users can easily cut the sheet or a roll to place the design on the yoga mat. 

To apply HTV, you need a bit of heat. HTV usually comes in a single color and has unique patterns, reflective design, or 3D puff. 

Many people use different layers of HTV to form multi designs on the surface, but it again depends on the type of surface on which you consider using HTV. 

Due to its nature, you must use HTV on things that can take a specific amount of heat and pressure to make the perfect transfer. 

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Can You Use HTV On A Yoga Mat?

Yes, you can. You can apply HTV on almost any surface. If you are worried about heat damage to your yoga mat, you can also use permanent adhesive vinyl. 

HTV on Yoga Mat
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Steps To Apply HTV on A Yoga Mat 

What You Will Need

  • HTV- The design or color you like
  • Heat Press 
  • Vinyl Cutter 
  • Foam Yoga Mat 
  • A cover sheet 

How To Apply HTV

  • The first step for the application of HTV would be to roll out the mat and straighten it on a solid surface. Make sure that there are no dust particles on the mat.  
  • Next, heat your clothing iron to the temperature mentioned on your HTV packaging. Typically, you would need to keep the temperature low.
  • Now you have to place the HTV design face down towards the mat. It is essential to keep the mat straight. 
  • Now cover the HTV sheet with a cover sheet. Apply medium pressure and heat from the clothing iron. Make sure each part of the HTV gets heat 
  • And your personalized Yoga mat is ready

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Can You Use an Iron On A Yoga Mat? 

Definitely yes. You can use an iron on a yoga mat to place the adhesive Vinyl or HTV. Using an iron would make the vinyl durable and stick more permanently onto the yoga mat’s surface. 

Many people prefer using iron with low temperature to place the HTV over the yoga mat. Getting parchment paper or any cover sheet is a wise decision when using iron on a yoga mat. 

Another interesting way to apply heat is to use a blow dryer, where you can even control the temperature settings more accurately. 

Can You Use HTV On A Yoga Mat
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How Do You Iron A Yoga Mat? 

As we all know, an iron or heat press can also damage your foam or rubber yoga mat if it is used at a very high temperature. Here are a few steps to keep in mind when you iron your yoga mat to design it with different patterns or names. 

  • Make sure that you use a good quality HTV product
  • Use a cover sheet so that you minimize the chances of spoiling your yoga mat with heat
  • Make sure that the temperature of your iron is not too high
  • Read the instructions on your HTV product carefully. This will give you a good idea about the best way to use the product

Here is an excellent video tutorial on how to heat press an HTV onto your Yoga mat:

Adding HTV on Yoga Mat | Another Fun Project from Firefly Craft!
Video Tutorial on Adding HTV On Yoga Mat

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Vinyl On Foam Mats? 

Yes, you can easily put vinyl on foam sheets, but ensure that the temperature of your iron is low and the pressure that you apply is not too high. As foam is a delicate material, more pressure or high temperature can spoil the sheet. But, we you easily decorate the sheets with Vinyl or HTV as per your need. 

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Does HTV go face down on mat?

Make sure that the shiny side of your HTV is facing down on the mat when you are about to stick it. The shiny or clear side of the HTV is also called the “Carrier” side of the material. This shiny side holds together the pattern of colors on the HTV while you cut and use it.

Can you use HTV on floor mats?

Like yoga mats, you can apply HTV on almost any surface that does not get damaged from heat. Floor mats are usually made of durable materials such as coir or palmyra, making them perfect for applying HTV.

Can You Use HTV On A Yoga Mat
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Wrap Up

If you are looking for a perfect way to decorate your Yoga mat for subsequent sessions, getting HTV is not a bad idea. With the help of HTV, you can easily change the appearance of your Yoga mat home. 

Just be mindful of the temperature, amount of pressure and the duration till which you need to supply heat to your HTV, to get the best results.

Enjoy creating your own yoga mat!