Why Do I Yawn During Yoga? Is It Natural To Do So?

Meta: Why Do I Yawn During Yoga? This is primarily because of the lack of oxygen. Yawning stimulates the brain cells with some cool air, keeping you alert. Read on to know more.

Yawning is an involuntary action that we all experience. Yawning helps wake up and stimulate your brain cells to work more efficiently and helps keep you awake and alert. Many people ask this question: why do I yawn during yoga?

Oxygen is the most basic need for our body. Every cell in our body, especially your brain, needs oxygen. So when we work out or do yoga, our brain stimulates more oxygen. It may cause stress and tension, thus leading to yawn. 

Why Do I Yawn During Yoga

But is this the only reason why we yawn during yoga? Sometimes some breathing exercise or pranayama practice quickly leads to relaxation, which further leads to yawning.

People often do quick breathing exercises and do not inhale properly, which is known as shallow breathing. Many people yawn during yoga sessions because of the lack of oxygen in the body.

In this article, let us further look at

  • Why do I yawn during exercise?
  • What does it mean when you yawn while meditating?
  • Health Benefits Of Yawning That May Surprise You
  • Why do I yawn when I breathe deeply?
  • Why can’t I stop Yawning when I work out?

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Why Do I Yawn During Exercise?

Some people start yawning when they start doing any physical activity, be it running, exercising, or just walking. Let us look at some reasons why we yawn while working out.


One of the most common reasons why people yawn while working out is tiredness. We know doing intense workouts every day is not an easy task. You have to get up early in the morning or take out some time in the evening to work out after your office hours. Sometimes this may be tiring.

You Are Stressed Out And Anxious

Many of us may not know this, but yawning is related to stress and anxiety as well. Before doing any intense or challenging workout session, people often feel anxious and stressed.

But this may be a good type of stress and makes you yawn. According to some studies, yawning helps regulate the blood flow to your brain, improving your focus and concentration.

High-Intensity Workout Causes Yawning

Sometimes, when you do a HIIT workout, it causes involuntary human behavior. For example, one of the most common causes related to yawning is intense workout training.

So when you perform the high-intensity workout, it engages your muscles leading to an increase in your body’s core temperature. Thus, you may yawn when you rest between your workout session.

Why Do I Yawn During Yoga

Lack Of Interest

Sometimes you may not be interested in performing the same exercise every day and even find it boring. Unfortunately, this lack of interest sometimes leads to yawning. However, you can perform different exercises and add a variety of workouts that will help keep your brain active.

High Body Temperature

Sometimes the high body temperature while working out causes yawning. When you inhale a large amount of air, it helps reduce your body and brain temperature. 

What Does It Mean When You Yawn While Meditating?

Meditation helps in healing and clears your mind. Most people meditate as it helps reduce stress and anxiety. But do you know why you yawn while meditating? 

Yawning is one of the ways to release stress and exhaustion from your body. And this is actually a good thing. For example, while meditating, you may yawn quite often as you move into deep breathing, healing, and relaxation.

So, yawing is actually good for your health as it releases all the negative energy from the body and lets you balance your mind and body.

You don’t need to stop yawning. However, it will eventually stop as the issue which causes yawning neutralizes.

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Health Benefits Of Yawning That May Surprise You

Most of the time, yawning is seen as a sign of boredom and fatigue. But have you ever wondered if yawing can benefit your health? Let’s look at how yawning can help your brain and health in some ways.

Increases Blood Flow

Yawning draws a large amount of cool air, which helps regulate the blood flow in the body and cools down your brain. This further improves your mental efficiency.

It Helps Reduce Stress, Cortisol, And Fatigue

Some studies suggest that a large amount of cortisol in the body causes yawning. This is because when you are under stress, cortisol gets produced in the body. This is what is called the stress hormone. 

So yawning helps reduce this stress and fatigue in the body.

Regulates Oxygen Supply To The Brain

Yawning helps increase the oxygen supply to your brain. So whenever you yawn, you get more oxygen in your body and release carbon dioxide that gets built up. Thus, regulating the oxygen supply in the body.

Why Do I Yawn During Yoga

Answers To Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Yawn When I Breathe Deeply

According to some research, yawning helps cool down the brain. When you take deep breaths while yawning, you pull some cool air from the outside, hitting your blood vessels.

This cools down the blood and even your brain as it flows through your arteries. So when you see people yawning at the gym, it just means their body is trying to cool things down.

Why Can’t I Stop Yawning While I Workout?

There is nothing wrong with yawning during your workout. Yawning helps cool your body and increase your focus and concentration. Moreover, yawning is an involuntary action of the body. 

But if you are yawning excessively, it can be related to some diseases like liver failure, epilepsy, or any other disease. So if it happens to you, consult your doctor and get it checked.

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Why Do I Yawn During Yoga? All Forms Of Exercise Reduce Oxygen Level In The Body, Causing Yawning

Sometimes low oxygen levels in the body cause yawning. However, yawning is an involuntary human mechanism that wakes up your brain with some cool air. This stimulates your brain cells to work efficiently.

Sometimes we often neglect how we breathe as this is what we do naturally. But correct breathing enhances your yoga sessions and further improves your physical well-being.

Just make sure to take proper rest while exercising or doing yoga.