What‌ ‌Do‌ ‌You‌ ‌Call‌ ‌A‌ ‌Yoga‌ ‌Instructor?‌

What do you call a yoga instructor on the first day of your yoga class? Know the appropriate terminology before you start the exercises!

Yoga has been ever-evolving and is loved by people all around the world. If you are new to yoga, you may not have a clear idea of the terms regularly used in yoga.

The primary terms which you must be aware of while doing yoga are yoga instructor and yoga teacher. Here a question will arise about what you can call them. Reading this article will help you get a clear idea of What do you call a yoga instructor?

What Do You Call A Yoga Instructor

What Do You Call A Yoga Instructor? Is A Yoga Instructor Called A Yogi?

No, a yoga instructor does not necessarily be called a yogi. That is because the term yogi is also used for describing a male who practices yoga, whereas to represent a female practitioner, the term yogini is used.

In simple words, the yogi is someone who is committed to practicing yoga regularly. Someone doesn’t become a yogi by practicing yoga. He must be regularly practicing and has to be committed to yoga to achieve certain proficiency levels. This involves a long-term commitment to doing yoga.

For someone to become a yogi, along with pranayama and asana, one has to incorporate ethical guidelines, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, yogic philosophy, tapas, mantra, mudra, and meditation in their lifestyle.

This explains that different names call yoga instructors. Some may address him as instructor or yogi or teacher (as many are not clear about the distinction between teacher and instructor and use these terms interchangeably-clear information about the same is given below)

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What Is A Master Yoga Teacher Called?

A master yoga teacher is called a Guru. It is very prestigious to call you a guru because someone is addressed when they excel in the yoga field.

Some may even use Sri when they call their yoga teacher, showing reverence and respect towards the master yoga teacher.

What Do You Call A Yoga Instructor

Is There A Difference Between A Yoga Teacher And A Yoga Instructor?

Yes, there is a difference between a yoga teacher and a yoga instructor.

Yoga teacher

A yoga teacher is someone who will help someone understand or learn something by experience or example. A teacher will show the people of their class to perform each pose through an example and walk around the class, helping them do the correct posture by adjusting their pose if needed.

Rather than spending more time on the yoga mats, the teacher will walk around suggesting the modifications for avoiding any accidents and making them do the correct pose.

The teachers give attention to the students, and they do not invest more time practicing by themselves. Their primary role is to make their students learn yoga perfectly rather than doing yoga themselves.  

A yoga teacher is generally seen in the beginner yoga class. Here the students do not know much about the poses. These students are those who are starting to learn yoga. These students need extra attention while doing a pose so that a yoga teacher will be of great advantage to them. 

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Yoga instructor

A yoga instructor is someone who orders or tells someone to do something officially or formally. They do not explain the fine details regarding the pose to the students and only tell what pose is to be done. 

Though they show the pose, they will not walk in the class to make adjustments, but they interfere if someone is doing the wrong pose. Most of the class time, yoga instructors will be on their mats and go with the flow of the students. 

The maximum class period is spent by the yoga instructors on their mat, along with passing instructions to the students about every pose basic alignment.

But a yoga instructor knows each pose and will convey to the students the benefits of a pose and explain the muscle that is engaged while doing the pose. The instructor does not give individual attention during his yoga class.

A yoga instructor is seen in advanced or intermediate students who have basic knowledge of poses that they perform and know already. So the instructor has to make small modifications suiting the student’s needs. In complicated cases, the instructor will take a teaching role, but the percentage of instructions is more.

Even if the teacher seems better than the instructor sometimes and vice versa, you should understand that both will change their roles based on the necessity at that point in time.

What Do You Call A Yoga Instructor

What Are A Yoga Teacher’s Traits?

  • The space where yoga is taught to the students should feel safe, soundproof, and distraction-free. This will help them get the complete benefits of the yoga session because there can be times where they are doing meditation.
  • They have to create the right yoga training sessions which are appropriate for the student’s level. Because once the flow is created, the teacher has to demonstrate and describe the yoga poses that the students perform.
  • They should be able to make the students make the proper adjustments for getting the perfect pose alignments. This will help if anyone is undergoing some treatment or is suffering from pains or injuries.

How Can One Become A Yoga Teacher? 

Becoming a yoga teacher is not based on experiences but on the skills and the person’s practice levels. They must have undergone a training program for becoming a yoga teacher.

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How Can One Become A Yoga Instructor?

Along with the training certificate, memorization of the asana, and teaching skills, the one looking to become a yoga instructor must also consider:

  • Becoming a yoga instructor is not about helping students do perfect poses but should also use their voice to guide students to do the correct posture. Many may not get to do yoga naturally, so they have to get hands-on experience during the teacher training session.
  • National or state levels do not regulate yoga, so one has to pay for a yoga alliance for permission to use the RYT trademark behind your name. This is a certification for fitness studios in the US that the instructor has completed minimum education levels. This will be an addition to your training period of yoga.
  • Pick a teacher training program and go for it. You can focus on any stream or basic meditation and yoga style which you like the most. Some of the popular teacher training sessions are:
  1. Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program
  2. Yin Yoga Teacher Training program
  3. Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program
  4. Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training program
  5. Kids yoga teacher training program
  • Practice for teaching yoga as an instructor is needed. Doing a 200-hour certification is not easy, and it will take time for confidence-building to give out a loud voice.
What Do You Call A Yoga Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Mean By RYT?

RYT can be explained as a registered yoga teacher. This distinction of teaching and training experiences is given to the Yoga Alliance through RYT. They do not certify any teachers, but they maintain a directory.

What do you mean by Yoga Alliance?

It is a nonprofit professional and membership trade organization that is US bases on the sake of yoga teachers. They are not a certification program, but they will list the teachers who meet their teaching experience requirements and have completed the training at Registered Yoga School.

How do you greet a yoga teacher?

If you are new to the yoga class, you have to greet Namaste by using your hands. This will help inner strength along with outer exercise. One has to enter the classroom quietly by removing their shoes, and we have to stop them from using a phone to talk to anyone. 

Now get ready for the class by sitting on the mat, and it will help you perform stretches and other things. When the teacher arrives at the class, then you have to give a Namaste greeting. 

Folding the hands for Namaste will help keep the hands together in a prayer-like situation called Anjali mudra. Also, after the class ends, greet the instructor of the class with a namaste again for practicing further.

What is a yoga lover called?

Any person who loves yoga and regularly practices poses can be called a yogi/yogini.

What are female yoga practitioners called?

Female yoga instructors who are masters in their field are known as “Yogini.” It is a formal term of respect used for female instructors or Buddhist Spiritual Teachers. 

What Do You Call A Yoga Instructor

Parting Words

A good yoga instructor must show authenticity in the personality, have a true passion and energy for teaching, and have a positive attitude. Reading this article gives a clear idea that there is no standard way a yoga instructor is called or addressed. 

Common terms like yogi or yoga instructor are used to call them. But yoga instructors are highly committed to their work and also practice the yoga philosophy with dedication. 

Hoping that our article has cleared your area of interest and waiting to hear your reviews through the comment section below, drop your comments and have a happy time doing yoga today!