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Do you want to speak the message that can heal our planet? Change happens one person, one community at a time. We are looking for the teachers who have an indigenous sense of the natural world, and are yearning to share that message with their students. If this is you, you will LOVE being on our team.

When you sign up to be a Yoga in Your Park teacher, you will gain access to exclusive benefits including...
  • Individual and group coaching towards honing your unique offering
  • Marketing consultation towards sharing your gifts
  • Support in building a sustainable following as a teacher
  • Weekly, studio like classes in beautiful natural spaces
  • Emotional support and personal guidance for your teaching career
  • Ability to impact change in your local community through loving awareness
  • Connection to yoga teachers who are ready to heal the human relationship with the earth through the individual body and human relating
  • Discounted prices in our store
  • Commission if a student buys something using your name as a code
  • Exclusive membership in our national yoga teachers think-tank network
  • Mutual Marketing
  • Complete control over your schedule
  • $$$
  • Opportunity to join our coaching network to take your students deeper when they are ready
  • Possibility to travel AND teach! Amazing!

We're looking for teachers who prefer to spend their time outside.

Who want to share their unique view of interconnectedness and environmental impact. We want teachers who share in our vision that awareness itself is healing, and that we can turn away from the problem, and tend to the solution within through love, rather than guilt, shame and fear.

We WANT Teachers Who

Have a felt-sense connection with the earth, and can teach that connection to students.

Consider their teaching to be the universal teaching of union (not just embodied stretching – this is good too, it’s just not for us)

Actually prefer to teach and practice outside

Are committed, motivated, and show up early or on time

Have great communication skills, and enjoy responding to necessary online surveys, Facebook group posts, emails and monthly trainings while actively teaching

Are excited by the potential to share their gifts on a national stage

Are excited, able and willing to teach both beginner and advanced yogis in the same class (16 student max, sometimes families) – families are welcome to class

Enjoy posting inspiring, engaging and exciting content to social media

Are aware of their bodies, without the benefit of a mirrored studio

Believe that change can happen one person at a time, that our personal actions matter on a large scale.

Are passionate about self inquiry.

Can accept and act on feedback quickly with grace. Can give feedback with grace.

Are “self-starters” and motivated to grow our into our vision.

Are willing to get a little dirty. You will be outside! Dogs poo near your class, sometimes bugs come by. It’s all a part of the experience.

Are willing to hustle a little to meet our mutual goals. Are willing to work through the early stages of building a class

Are flexible with the swift changes that happen sometimes to meet our program’s needs – we are just starting out so at times need to make changes quickly

Are truly, personally interested in our philosophy and mission. You will not be happy here if our culture is not a fit for you.

Are well organized and punctual.

Are independent and accountable to our organization and students. This is the most important quality. We need you to show up EVERY TIME ON TIME – and communicate if not. We have a no tolerance policy for no – show with no communication

Are able to reliably track attendance, and provide support to students through our online system

Are able to organize substitute teachers when necessary, and will not leave our students hanging with last-minute cancellations

Are willing and able to use modern technology

We want to be clear about what we expect from our teachers, and what you in turn can expect from us. Knowing what we can expect of each other makes for an excellent experience!

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. If you're interested in teaching for us, please fill out one of the forms below to get in touch...

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