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Daily Camera LogoI was amazed by how great my body felt. I needed this more than I realized. My thoughts were peaceful, my heart was content and my body felt like I had ironed all of the kinks and rocks out."
- Daily Camera

Colorado DailyA non-stressful, non-competitive, caring yoga class under the shade of a huge tree with the view of the Flatirons. It's hard to beat that, anywhere on Earth.

The teacher was also very friendly and cheerful, which set a positive tone for class. She chatted with each participant before class to learn more about their needs and background."
- Colorado Daily

Colorado Daily"There’s nothing that soothes the mind quite like being along the Maine coast, floating on a lake, or taking in a scenic view from the top of a mountain. Except maybe yoga. One of the pleasures of a Maine summer is the ability to combine two of the world’s most energizing and relaxing experiences: being outdoors in Maine, and stretching your body through a downward dog pose."
- DownEast

Activities MaineYour tree pose is going to feel so at home during yoga in the park. And your bare feet will appreciate the grass. Fresh Air Yoga brings a peaceful vinyasa flow class outside. It’s open to all ages and levels, too, so even if you’re new to yoga, give it a try.
- Activities Guide of Maine