How To Control Nightfall By Yoga: 5 Asanas That Help You Control Nocturnal Emission

Yoga is a powerful way to bring your mind and body into consonance. If you want to learn how to control Nightfall by yoga, this article will help you take the right steps.

Also known as Night Discharge, Nightfall is an issue wherein men tend to ejaculate while asleep; it can happen late in the night or early in the morning.

The problem of Nightfall can worsen if the penile nerves or muscles weaken because of hormonal fluctuations, prolonged masturbation, and the viscosity of semen thinning down. 

How To Control Nightfall By Yoga

Men tend to retain their sperm, but it can ooze during late night or early morning if it is extra. Moreover, if the amount of sperm oozing out during Nightfall is high, one can feel dizzy, sleepless, weak, and experience infertility, erectile dysfunction, sexual incapacity, and memory and vision loss. 

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How Can You Prevent Or Treat Nightfall?

It is believed that Nightfall can improve if one alters their lifestyle and takes treatment from a doctor. However, Yoga and mediation have proven to tackle Nightfall in a much better way. Let’s take a look at the natural solutions that can cure Nightfall. 


Meditation can improve focusing abilities and regulate inner sensations, allowing the men to control their Nightfall. 

Exercise and Yoga

Exercise and Yoga can prevent Nightfall by allowing the individual to control their body, soul, and mind. Running, jogging, and weightlifting will enable you to stay fit, and keep your health in control, thus allowing your Nightfall to vanish. 

How To Control Nightfall By Yoga

Essential Oils

Having an essential oil bath helps the body and mind to calm down and allows the individual to have a good night’s sleep. Once the individual is rested and relaxed, the chances of Nightfall subsides.


Nightfall can also be cured if one alters their diet and eating patterns. One should also avoid acidic food.

Yoga Asanas For Controlling Nightfall

Now that you know, Yoga can cure Nightfall. Here are the best yoga asanas that can help you in curing Nightfall. Though there might be a gazillion other asanas that can cure Nightfall, the mentioned below are the perfect solution to your problem. 


Also Known as “Shoulderstand,” Sarvangasana is by far one of the best asanas out there as it works on the entire body. The Asana increases blood circulation in all parts of the body, making it feel alive. 

All you have to do is lie down in a position called Supine, then raise your hips, legs, and back at an angle of 90 degrees from the ground; your arms should be on the floor, and your abdomen, legs, and shoulders should be in a straight line. 


This Asana is beneficial in treating various issues like sexual disorders, constipation, hypertension, Nightfall, etc. 


Also known as the Cobra pose, in Bhujangasana, one has to pose their body like a snake raising his hood. Bhajans also mean Snake in the Sanskrit language. So the literal translation of the word is what one has to perform. 

In Asana, one has to lie down on their stomach and keep the chin relaxed on the floor. The feet should slightly touch each other.

Now that’s done, one should place their hands under their shoulders and take a deep breath, and while breathing, lift their upper body (head, chest, and Shoulder). Stay in this position, and while going back, exhale out as quickly and slowly as you can. 


This Asana is perfect for the abdomen and back and strengthens and regulates the organs below the waistline, thus helping in Nightfall. 


Vajrasana is a sitting asana wherein one has to sit in a kneeling down position. The meaning of Vajra is Thunderbolt, and this can only be performed once you have consumed your meals. This Yoga pose has beautiful effects on one’s body, provided it is done after eating. 

In this position, you will have to kneel and sit on your legs, your hips should rest on your heels, and your arms should rest on your thighs. Make sure your chin is parallel to the floor. 


This Asana is great for digestion and constipation. Plus, it strengthens your pelvic muscles, thus controlling your Nightfall problem.


Derived from the Sanskrit language and formed by combining three words, the translation of Paschimottanasana is back (Paschim), stretch (Uttana), and Pose (Asana). This is sitting Yoga. 

In this Asana, one has to sit down with their legs in a forward position, then hold the toes of your feet with fingers and bend forward, do this while you are inhaling; this will allow the head to touch knees. (make sure your knees are in a straight position). Try to hold this position for 10-29 seconds and exhale while you are back to the way you were. 


This Asana will calm your mind, stretch your back and also work on reducing your fatigue, improving digestion, and lastly, your Nightfall issue. 


Kandharasana means Shoulder and Pose, and it’s a word that originated from Sanskrit; Asana in the English language means “Shoulder Pose.”

In this Asana, one has to lie down in a position known as Supine, wherein one has to fold their knees so that the heels are touching the buttocks. Once done, hold the ankles with your hand and raise your hips, chest, and abdomen while you Inhale. Keep in mind that you should go as high as possible and that your shoulders and feet are on the ground. Exhale as you get back to your normal position. 


This Asana is known for curing various health ailments and also enhancing the sexual performance in Men. It also fixes the Nightfall issue. 

Keep in mind that you will have to perform these Asanas in the morning before the Sunrise because that’s when they will work the best. 

Home Remedies To Supplement The Effect Of Yoga Asanas

Bottle gourd 

Bottle gourd is known for its cooling properties, and to combat Nightfall, one needs to cool down their system too. You can use a bottle of gourd in two ways, either by consuming the juice before sleeping or mixing the juice with sesame oil and massaging the area.  


Another excellent home remedy is consuming Indian gooseberry, famously known as Amla juice. Amla juice is known for building immunity; thus, drinking one glass of juice every day will help relieve the Nightfall issue. 

How To Control Nightfall By Yoga


Mixing soaked almonds with milk, banana, and ginger can also cure Nightfall and Milk and Bananas cooling properties.


Having curd every day also reduces Nightfall as it has immunity-boosting properties. 

Fenugreek And Celery Juice

Fenugreek and celery juice, when mixed with honey, can cure Nightfall and pre-ejaculation problems. 

Garlic and Onion

Garlic and Onion are famous when it comes to curing immunity-related problems; all one has to do is mix raw garlic and Onion in the form of salad, and your nightfall problem will vanish in thin air. 

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Let’s answer some questions now!

How can I stop Nightfall permanently?

You can stop Nightfall permanently by making lifestyle changes and performing Yoga Daily. 

Can we control Nightfall?

You can control Nightfall by performing Yoga, making lifestyle changes, and eating and drinking healthy.

What if Nightfall happens Daily?

If your problem of Nightfall persists, the best is to visit the doctor and get treatment. 

How To Control Nightfall By Yoga

Wrap Up

If you are suffering from the Nightfall issue, don’t worry. You don’t have to be scared! Follow these Yoga and home remedy tips, and you’ll be good to go! Altering your lifestyle and adopting these simple asanas and other techniques will work wonders.