How Many Calories Does Jillian Michaels Yoga Melt Down Burn?

Millions of people have watched the DVDs of Jillian Michaels to lose fat. But how many calories does Jillian Michaels yoga meltdown burn? Let’s find out!

Yoga relaxes both your body as well as mind. Nowadays, most people are suffering from obesity or the deposition of excess fat in their bodies.

Obesity can lead to several health problems like diabetes, hypertension, and various others. Well, practicing proper yoga postures each day will surely help you lose the extra fat and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Jillian Michael is a renowned fitness trainer. The best part of her yoga training is that you don’t need to invest in special equipment to lose your body’s fat. 

You need a yoga mat and some time to do the yoga posture. One can easily do the yoga postures as suggested by Jillian Michael at home. Her challenge is that you don’t need to attend any particular yoga class or gym to lose fat when you are doing yoga with Jillian Michael.

One frequent question I hear from people is how many calories does Jillian Michael’s yoga meltdown burn

Hormones and Weight Loss / Metabolism

So, How Many Calories Does Jillian Michaels Yoga Melt Down Burn?

Well, it depends on the weight of your body and the effort you put on into doing the yoga postures. However, an average person can lose 225 calories if he practices a 30-minute session or Level 1. So if one practices both the levels, then you will lose 500 calories in one hour.

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Who Is Jillian Michael?

Jillian Michael is from California. She was born in 1974 and is quite famous in America as a personal trainer, businesswoman, author, and television celebrity. People know her for her appearances on NBC, particularly The biggest loser. She is a good motivator and a guide to more than 15 million viewers of the biggest loser every week.

Michael was overweight during her childhood. So her mother introduced her to Martial Arts. Her fitness journey starts from there. She struggled a lot to have her proper posture. Now she is guiding numerous people through television shows or by selling DVDs.

How Many Calories Does Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Burn

Jillian Michael: Yoga DVD For Melt Down Exercises

The DVD of the yoga meltdown released by Jillian Michael consists of two complete 30 minutes work out which will include both warmings up your body and simultaneously cooling down. 

So overall, the DVD is 60 minutes long, and within that 60 minutes, you don’t require any external machine or dumbbell to lift your body. You need to raise your body by using your core muscles. 

The main aim of this video is to eliminate the myth that yoga is a challenging workout. She provides core effective yoga postures, and you can easily try them at home without attending any special sessions. You have to hold each yoga pose for at least 15 seconds to lose your body’s extra fat.

Michael is quite a god in Martial arts. So, she combines martial arts with yoga to bring a new workout that will strengthen your muscles, and you will be fit and healthy in less time.

The yoga DVD has two levels. On both levels, Michael will instruct you every yoga step by which you will never get confused or doubt practicing the yoga postures.

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Level 1:

She begins her workout with stretching, which is quite vital for any yoga workout. Then she instructs you to do basic yoga asanas, which start from Vinyasa. The Vinyasa is a type of yoga in which you quickly move from one yoga pose to the other. It strengthens the muscles and lowers stress and anxiety. In short, it improves your fitness within a short duration. After completing Vinyasa, she moves towards some vital yoga poses by which you can burn mega calories.


After doing the basic yoga postures, she will instruct you to do slightly complex yoga postures. She adds more twist and balance yoga postures which will let you burn more fat.

How Many Calories Does Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Burn

Why Should You Watch Jillian Yoga Meltdown DVD

  • If you attend yoga sessions, you need to pay some fees and go at a scheduled time. But by buying the yoga meltdown DVD of Michael, you can do yoga postures anytime and anywhere. Buying a DVD will also be affordable.
  • A reputed fitness trainer created this DVD. She instructs you every step so that you will not face problems in every pose.
  • It eliminates the myth that yoga is difficult to work out at home.

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Why Not Watch Jillian Yoga Meltdown DVD

  • Jillian is not a yoga expert.
  • The DVD does not give any information about the diet which one should follow to lose weight. However, she advised in other online programs that you should always avoid junk and oily food. She always advises to eat protein-rich food and have a balanced diet.
  • The environment of the home is not always good to do yoga. There may be some disturbances at home, or your mind may be distracted by seeing an email or WhatsApp messages.

How Many Calories Does Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Burn

Frequently Answered Questions

#1. How many calories does a Jillian Michael workout burn?

A person will burn 500 calories in one hour if he practices Jillian Michael’s yoga asanas and exercises. Level 1 would cause you to lose about 225 calories, and the whole hour ends up with you losing the whole 500 calories.

#2. How many calories does yoga shred burn?

An average person usually weighs 150 pounds. But if he practices yoga postures by watching Jillian Michael DVD, he is sure to burn calories in less time. For instance, if I talk about the Jillian Michael 30-day shred, you will burn 200-300 calories in a day. So basically, you are going to lose 2.5 pounds in one month.

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#3. A 30-minute yoga session burns how many calories?

If you practice yoga sessions for 30 minutes, then you can burn 180-460 calories. It depends on many things, like the yoga type you are practicing and the effort you apply in doing yoga.

#4. Can you burn 200 calories doing yoga?

Yes, you can burn 200 calories by doing yoga in a day. It depends on several factors like the yoga asana you practice or the effort you put in doing asana and various others.

How Many Calories Does Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Burn

Wrap Up

Jillian Michael created the DVD Yoga meltdown burn for anyone who commits to losing weight. In her opinion, it’s easy to lose weight, but she will make it easier by providing all the information, diet plan, and yoga postures through DVS or various online and offline programs or books. If you properly do yoga postures for one hour daily, as suggested by Michael, then you can lose 2.5 pounds in one month.

I hope this article has helped you know about such a famous American trainer and you can buy her DVDs if you want to lose weight healthily without going to the gym or attending any yoga classes.

Please do share your suggestions for this article. If you choose to participate in Jillian Michaels’s program after reading this article, please do share your experience with us in the comments section so that others can also benefit from your learnings.