"Experience Acadia in an amazing new way"

Bar Harbor is home to some of the most beautiful scenic views in the Northeast.

This area really has it all.

Rocky salt-licked shores, moss-covered forest paths, and incredible mountain-top views of the Atlantic ocean.

The vastness, and wildness of it all is truly intoxicating. That's why Acadia is one of our favorite places to teach Yoga in Your Park outdoor yoga classes!

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Classes at stunning locations daily

Yoga in Your Park offers classes in all of the most beautiful outdoor locations in the area.


  • Doing sun salutations on top of Cadillac Mountain as the sun literally rises before you
  • Facing the vastness of the Atlantic ocean from Sand Beach as you practice
  • Sitting in the tranquility of nature as you stretch on the lawn of The Jordan Pond House

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A top-rated Maine experience

Best of Maine"There’s nothing that soothes the mind quite like being along the Maine coast, floating on a lake, or taking in a scenic view from the top of a mountain. Except maybe yoga. One of the pleasures of a Maine summer is the ability to combine two of the world’s most energizing and relaxing experiences: being outdoors in Maine, and stretching your body through a downward dog pose."
- DownEast

Activities MaineYour tree pose is going to feel so at home during yoga in the park. And your bare feet will appreciate the grass. Fresh Air Yoga brings a peaceful vinyasa flow class outside. It’s open to all ages and levels, too, so even if you’re new to yoga, give it a try.
- Activities Guide of Maine

Photos of this area's Yip Classes

yoga on Sand Beach yoga on Cadillac Mountain yoga at Jordan Pond House Sun salutations on sand beach Having fun at YiP yoga class on Sand Beach