The Yoga in Your Park Story

We love connection.  

At Yoga in Your Park, we believe that connection to nature, to others and to self makes for happier humans. We are obsessively passionate about taking the technology that we often use to disconnect and using it as a platform to introduce people to the most beautiful places on Earth, to each other and to themselves. 

​​​Our founding

Yoga in Your Park was founded by Ellen Pierce in 2009. It started as three classes in Acadia National Park taught by Ellen. We found that instructors and students alike loved connecting with their natural spaces through the practice of yoga. So we added classes in more of the spaces that people love! 

Planting seeds

We added breathtaking places including Yosemite National Park in California, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Magic Island in Hawaii, and Redwoods National Park in California. We added iconic places including Venice Beach in Los Angeles, Boston Commons in Massachusetts, Central Park and Prospect Park in New York and City Parks in Boulder, Colorado. 

Growing roots

To best serve our community we created instructor training that specifically teaches instructors how to 

Branching out

YiP Instructors love connecting with nature, YiP students and themselves. So we created the Curriculum for Connection - this three part educational curriculum makes YiP teachers uniquely suited to teach in dynamic outdoor settings, as well as strengthens their skills as Yoga instructors and leaders of the Connection Movement. 

Want to know what we're so excited about?