Why Do Schools Not Allow Yoga Pants?

Many American schools have tried to ban or control the usage of Yoga pants in recent years. Do they have a genuine reason, or is it just orthodoxy? Let’s take a look.

One tweet and the whole internet went crazy! Though this is very common, this tweet showed the orthodox side of the education system in America. Various schools throughout Virginia were either banning yoga pants and leggings or were giving tips on how to start wearing them in school. 

The Dress code which these schools passed collectively sounded like this

“Leggings and yoga pants are not allowed to be worn in the school henceforth”

“Leggings should only be worn with a top garment that will cover the area between the butts and waist”

This isn’t surprising, though, as the hot issue of whether leggings and yoga pants should be allowed in school has been going on over the past couple of years. 

Students find it absurd as they are the most comfortable piece of clothing and will enable them to sit for 8 hours without any issues.

On the other hand, teachers find them to be distracting for other students. Children were being sent back to get changed into more appropriate clothing. Many teachers also believe that proper attire will lead to a positive change in the learning environment. 

Honestly! This is a never-ending debate, which is why we decided to rummage through the internet and find out if and how leggings can harm our bodies! 

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Is There A Genuine Reason For Banning Yoga Pants?

As much as you may fume at your school banning yoga pants, there are actually some reasons why these pants may not be that great for your skin and health. While wearing them is certainly not a problem, wearing them all the time is not a great idea. Here’s why

Leggings rub and crack the skin

Any tight clothes, including leggings, will rub against your skin frequently, causing friction, leading to cracks in the outer layer, which in turn results in soreness, inflammation, and dehydration. 

Sweating inside the leggings leads to infection. Since they are tight-fitting, leggings can trap sweat leading to clogged pores that can further cause ringworms, etc.  

Leggings can also risk infection in the skin around the genitals (fungal infection specifically); tightness in the area restricts air circulation, and our groins sweat more. 

Leggings also increase yeast infections leading to swelling, skin redness, infections, itchiness, and urinary tract infection in some extreme cases. 

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Leggings can lead to body acne

When you are wearing leggings and sweating constantly, bacteria can develop on the skin. If the sweat sits on the skin for extended periods, it leads to the overgrowth of acne-causing bacteria. 

Sweating causes a specific type of acne breakout, which is known as sweat pimples. These pimples appear because the sweat glands are blocked. 

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Leggings can get painful at times

Contrary to popular belief, leggings can cause a lot of discomfort, if worn for long time. They compress the legs, knees, and abdomen. They create compression on your legs, abdomen, and knee; they also create pressure while they are holding your core, squeeze your muscles and nerve joints, and in some cases, restrict your internal organs. 

In extreme cases, leggings can also obstruct the back muscles and hip bones, and god forbid you to wear the wrong size; your respiration and digestive system will take a hit. Leggings also create discomfort in your thighs and groin area.

Yoga In School
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Some of the leggings contain toxic chemicals

Leggings, especially synthetic ones, can often contain hazardous chemicals that can threaten the wearer’s health. If one is exposed to these chemicals, the chances of contracting allergic dermatitis are very high. Moreover, some of the synthetic fibers are known to have carcinogens in them. 

The majority of the dyes used in the fashion industry are highly toxic. Since these leggings undergo chemical treatments, making them wrinkle-free, water repellent, stain-resistant, flame resistant, etc. 

If these toxic chemicals come into our skin through contact, inhalation, or ingestion, they can lead to hormonal imbalance, nausea, headaches, dizziness, weakness in immunity, cancer, anorexia, drowsiness, etc. 

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Leggings cause skin dryness

If you have dry skin and you pull a pair of leggings, the result will be itchy. The dust on our legs is our dead skin, and the rubbing of overly dry skin can lead to dermatitis. Dermatitis is a red tender rash that is caused by damage to the protective layer of the skin. 

Why Do Schools Not Allow Yoga Pants
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Surprisingly, leggings can cause weight gain

Another pop busted! Many people would wear leggings to hide the fat on their legs, but the leggings could be causing bodily harm. Leggings make the muscles lazy resulting in wobbly legs and flabby stomachs. 

Leggings hold in and support the quadriceps and the core muscles of the stomach and sadly do the job your muscles are supposed to do. This results in us relaxing and switching off. 

Leggings can cause Folliculitis

Folliculitis means inflammation of hair follicles, inflammation is the red bumps on our legs, and once bacteria or fungus starts to accumulate on them, they can go adverse. This means even if you want to wear leggings, don’t wear leggings 24/7. 

In the end, the idea of schools banning schools is absurd, and they deny it is because of their prejudices; leggings are pretty harmful to our legs and body if worn for prolonged hours. So think before investing in one. 

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Why are leggings banned in school?

Leggings started getting banned in schools because the authorities believed that they caused distraction and hampered the school’s environment. Though schools may be very patriarchal and make us feel like we are back in the 1500s, there are certain downsides of leggings that are not visible to us now but will be a few years down the lane. 

Are leggings inappropriate for school?

Leggings aren’t inappropriate for schools, provided they are worn properly. If one covers up the hips and buttocks adequately, leggings can be pretty flattering as per school standards. 

Is it OK to wear yoga pants in public?

It’s OK to wear yoga pants in public, but it depends upon the country you live in. In some places, they are considered obscene, and women only wear them in gyms or at homes. Wear them appropriately in the way you think they are comfortable for you. 

Why are yoga pants bad?

Yoga pants aren’t the best choice if you wear them 24/7 and in a smaller size than your usual size. Keep in mind that if you buy local leggings, that aren’t made from high quality material, then it is better you avoid them and not wear them at all. 

Why Do Schools Not Allow Yoga Pants
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Wrap Up

While schools might be banning yoga pants for entirely different and frustratingly narrow-minded reasons, there are some genuine concerns over wearing yoga pants which I have tried to explain in this article. 

Nothing to be worried about – just make sure that you don’t wear yoga pants all the time and keep them clean and dry.

Enjoy your yoga session and your amazing yoga leggings!