When Yoga Pants Roll Down: How To Manage Wardrobe Malfunctions With Yoga Pants

Have you been a victim of wardrobe malfunction far too often? What do you do when Yoga pants roll down your waist? Well, here are all the things you can do to avoid it!

Yoga pants are a wardrobe essential. Yes, yoga pants are a marvelous invention, but you can only harness their awesomeness if they fit correctly.

Yoga pants rolling down the waist is a common and frustrating problem. We will discuss why the same happens and how to prevent it by observing specific parameters that you can keep in mind on your next yoga pants shopping spree. Let us jump right into the details. 

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Why Do My Pants Roll Down When I Sit Down?

Fret not; you are not alone. Mid-rise, high-rise, whatever the rise, if the fit is wrong, your pants will roll down your butt and can go down, even more when you bend or sit. 

One of the main reasons behind this is that you have been wearing the wrong size. If your leggings are sagging, you have likely invested in the wrong fit. To choose your size correctly, while buying online, read the reviews to find out what people are saying about the fit of the product. 

Sometimes, manufacturers design leggings to be one size too big to give you the “comfort” of still being the XS that you once were. But you will only be lying to yourself, so choose the right size.

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Do Leggings Roll Down When Too Small?

Yes, leggings roll down when they are too small. A small size will not be able to sit on the upper portion of your butt for too long; every time you sit, the leggings will run down, and your behind will be exposed to the world! Let’s see why this happens.

When Yoga Pants Roll Down
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Poor Quality 

The product may be of poor quality, and its waistband might not be tight enough to sit on your waist correctly despite it being the correct international sizing for your body. 

Size and fit

Invest in the correct size and fit, and you will never face the issue of leggings rolling down. To do this, initially you could opt for in-store shopping over online shopping. Try out various options and keep them on for an additional five minutes to have a fair idea of the fit and comfort. Once you know your size and fit, you can buy online from the same brand. 

Always check for the waistband size and quality. Leggings typically loosen from the waistband, which renders the product useless. 

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How Do I Keep My Leggings From Riding Down?

If you have encountered this issue too often, here is what we recommend you to do. 

Pick The Right Fit

Invest in the right size and type of yoga pants after trying out multiple options available in stores to get the best fit for your body shape. 

No loose fabric should gather at the back of your knee or around your crotch. These are the signs of wrong fitting and must be avoided. 

Finding the right fit can be challenging, but nothing is impossible, and if you devote the time and effort, you will undoubtedly get your hands on the right pair of pants.

Look For Stretchable Fabrics

Pants made of stretchable fabrics are durable and sit tightly on the skin. This option is also suitable for those who tend to gain and lose weight very quickly. They would hence not have to change their yoga pants each time the same happens. 

When Yoga Pants Roll Down
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Find The Right Waistband 

Top Seamed Waistband Leggings

If we could, we would deem this as a regulation for all the legging-making brands. They give the best fit, support and also ensure that the leggings don’t run down. After all, a top seam waistband is so imperative. 

Elastic Waistband Leggings 

Leggings with elastic need no introduction. They have been around for the longest time, and good yoga leggings like this one ensure that the leggings do not roll down from your waist.

Waistband with Drawstring

A drawstring is a good option for tightening and loosening the leggings at the waist as per your preference. This customization option makes them a prevalent and convenient option. 

When Yoga Pants Roll Down
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Wash Your Pants The Right Way 

Have you followed the product aftercare and wash care instructions meticulously? If you have, I am sure your yoga pants are keeping in good health. But, if you haven’t, I must tell you that you must start doing the same because washing fabrics the right way can help prolong the life of your yoga pants and preserve its finish, color, and fit. 

Read the product wash care tag before you buy the product, invest only in items you know you can handle well. Handwashing leggings in cold water is way better than machine washing at high temperatures.

Say no to tumble dry and opt for air drying. 

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Know What To Wear Underneath The Tights

Wearing regular underwear is not recommended because it will lead to fabric gathers and will not look appealing. It is recommended to go for seamless panties under tights for appropriate coverage. It will also prevent your tights from rolling down your waist.

When Yoga Pants Roll Down
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Choose the Right Fabric

Bamboo Yoga Pants

Bamboo is a natural and organic material that is processed into rayon or viscose. Rayon and viscose are very light and breathable materials and are hence appropriate for workout wear. Bamboo pants have temperature regulating properties that help keep you cool when hot and dry when sweaty. These pants are soft and gentle, so you must check out bamboo pants if you have sensitive skin. 

Cotton Yoga Pants

Cotton needs no introduction; it is soft and breathable. Cotton is highly absorbent. As you sweat, the fabric gets heavier with all the sweat it has absorbed. If you sweat a lot, cotton pants might not be the correct choice for you. However, if you still feel like going for the same, you can consider organic cotton pants. 

Sweat Absorbent Fabric

If you tend to sweat a lot, you must ensure that fabric of your yoga pants is sweat absorbent so that it keeps you cool and dry throughout your yoga session. Sweat absorbent yoga pants are typically made of nylon and spandex.


Last but not least, the most comfortable yoga pants are the best yoga pants. Wear them, try them and opt for the one which you find the most comfortable. 

When Yoga Pants Roll Down
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How Do I Handle My Incorrectly Sized Yoga Pants?

We understand that you might have invested in a pair of leggings fairly recently and would hence be reluctant with the idea of giving up on them quickly. You can try the solutions below to see if they work for you. However, they are likely to work only when the product you own is much larger than your usual size. 

Walk down the Alteration Route

If you have an hourglass figure, finding the right fit can be a nightmare. If you shop at the store, you can have the pants satisfactorily altered as per your requirements by the brand. 

Belts to the rescue

If the alteration route doesn’t work for you, opt for cargos and the likes, which you can use with belts. You can get custom loops done over your existing pair of leggings to make the most of them. Belts always come to the rescue, but look for ones that won’t add to the discomfort while working out. You can try belts that are not too wide so that they don’t interfere with your movement when you bend.

Recycle unwanted clothing

I know you will do this with a heavy heart, but you always have the option to recycle. You can recycle your clothes with brands such as H&M and Zara who offer this service. You can also donate unwanted clothes to the needy. 

Wear Shorts

Maybe the pants are not the right thing for you. If you find it comfortable and convenient, ditch the idea of pants and opt for a pair of comfy cotton or spandex shorts that you like. 

When Yoga Pants Roll Down
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Can I Use Running Tights as a Substitute for Yoga Pants?

Let us first understand the fundamental difference between running tights and yoga pants. 


Running tights are generally made of smooth material with a characteristic sheen. They also come with mesh paneling and are seamless. Yoga Pants tend to be breathable, stretchable, and soft on the skin.

Since both of them are designed for two different purposes, their fabric and design are different. Running tights have a high Lycra content.

Owing to this, you may notice that when you bend, running tights may expose parts of your knee, whereas yoga pants are unlikely to do so because of the difference in fabric. Poor quality yoga pants may also show similar characteristics. 


Yoga pants generally have bigger waistbands at the top compared to running tights, which have smaller waistbands. 

Zippers or pockets

Running tights may have zippers or storage pockets, whereas yoga pants typically do not. Zippers make them comfortable and inconvenient for bending. 

In the end, it is your decision and nothing, but your comfort should define it. If you find it comfortable, you can use running tights over yoga pants when needed; however, one cannot undermine the importance of the right pair of yoga pants for a yoga session no matter what. 

When Yoga Pants Roll Down
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Wrap Up

We hope you find the perfect pair of yoga pants for you. As of now, did you like what you just read? If you did, let us know your thoughts and doubts in the comments down below. Also, share the same with your kith and kin who might find this helpful information. Thanks for reading.