Do Yoga Pants Make You Look Thinner?

Why Do Guys Like Yoga Pants So Much

Everyone is looking for that magical solution to hide their bulges and tires. So do yoga pants make you look thinner? Are yoga pants the answer to your prayers? Let’s find out. While shopping, you might often check some key criteria for what type of fitting goes with your body type: tight or loose, what … Read more

Do Yoga Pants Keep You Warm?

Do Yoga Pants Keep You Warm

Yoga pants are the hottest and most comfortable trend of the 21st century. But do yoga pants keep you warm in the cold months? Let us find out. Yoga pants came into existence at the end of the 19th century. Lululemon first manufactured and sold these pants. Soon many other companies started manufacturing them by … Read more

Why Do Schools Not Allow Yoga Pants?

Yoga In School

Many American schools have tried to ban or control the usage of Yoga pants in recent years. Do they have a genuine reason, or is it just orthodoxy? Let’s take a look. One tweet and the whole internet went crazy! Though this is very common, this tweet showed the orthodox side of the education system … Read more

Can You Wear Yoga Pants Horseback Riding?

Yoga Pants in Horseback Riding

Can you wear yoga pants horseback riding? Are they comfortable, or do they become too tight to wear while riding a horse? Let us find out!. Every sport demands a unique attire. As horse riding is a sports activity, it requires you to wear special apparel that is suited for sitting on a horse for … Read more