How To Hang A Yoga Swing From Pull Up Bar?

If you are looking for ways on how to hang yoga swing from pull up bar, then you have come to the right place!

If you are wondering how you can hang a yoga swing from a pull-up bar, then you are at the right place. But before we dive in, let’s take a look at what aerial Yoga is and the tips you need to follow while performing Aerial Yoga. 

How To Hang Yoga Swing From Pull Up Bar
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What is Aerial Yoga?

Also known as Anti-gravity yoga, Aerial Yoga is similar to traditional Yoga on many levels. The only difference between Aerial and traditional Yoga is that the Hammock handles the weight of your body in Aerial Yoga. 

Wherein the Hammock supports the body and relieves the strain from the head and shoulder so that individuals can perform their asanas efficiently. It also allows one to perform postures like headstands etc.

And don’t get scared by the images posted online; unlike them, one is not hanging in the air, only half the body is in the air, resting your foot or leg on the ground. Aerial Yoga can be performed by beginners as well as experienced yoga professionals. 

Tips For An Aerial Yoga Novice

Honestly, when one starts to perform aerial Yoga, they are filled with excitement and anticipation as they are on their way to achieving the body they like. But one thing they forget is that practicing Aerial Yoga can be difficult, and the body takes some time to adjust. 

However one doesn’t need to have prior experience in Yoga to perform Aerial Yoga, all they need is a good understanding of Yoga, and they are good to go. 

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Wear clothing that is appropriate for Yoga

The perfect clothing you need to wear while performing Yoga are skin-tight leggings or yoga pants, as they don’t tangle with the ropes. Moreover, wear clothes that cover your underarms, especially if you have sensitive skin. This is because slings can chafe the underarms. The ideal way is to wear long-sleeved shirts and leggings for your aerial Routine. 

Never have a big meal before your Yoga practice 

Make sure that you have a one to two-hour gap between your meal and class. However, you should have a light snack so that you don’t end up fainting because of Low-blood sugar. 

Enter the venue with a relaxed mind

The feeling of anxiousness and intimidation is very common, especially when trying something completely new! All you have to do is take deep breaths and perform all the poses at your own pace.

If necessary, modify the movements

If any of the movements feel difficult and feel as if you are in pain, move on to another one, Aerial Yoga has a lot of asanas that can work for you! Enter the classroom with an open mind and enjoy yourself. Make sure that you are communicating well with your instructor. 

How To Hang Yoga Swing From Pull Up Bar
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Say no to Jewelry

Please don’t wear any jewelry while performing Aerial Yoga as it can get easily tangled into the slings and end up harming you! Be as bare as you can when you are performing Aerial Yoga. 

If you are uncomfortable, Say it!

If you cannot handle the sling or feel that a certain pose is too uncomfortable for you, speak up! Inform your instructor and stop immediately! Yoga is supposed to relax you and not hurt you. 

Physical Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is famous for increasing the strength and flexibility of the body. This is because Aerial Yoga makes you move your full body and strengthens the muscles. The Hammock also makes one go deeper into poses and stretches, which will allow the body to gain more flexibility. 

It releases back and neck pressure

Gravity weighs down the spine as we sit or stand throughout the day. While performing Aerial Yoga, one is in the headstand position, which allows the spine to decompress. 

It enhances blood circulation 

Aerial Yoga enhances blood circulation throughout the body and aids in digestion, which is because of the poses and the breathing pattern one has to go through. 

It strengthens your core

As Aerial Yoga is all about maintaining stability and performing various poses, it enhances the strength of your core muscles and enables you to perform everything easily. 

How To Hang Yoga Swing From Pull Up Bar
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It boosts your mood as well as your confidence

Yoga poses boost confidence, your mood as your blood circulation has enhanced, and you discover a new side of yourself. 

Perfect for people who wish to perform low impact exercises

Aerial Yoga is perfect for those who wish to exercise but can’t move their bodies because of joint issues. In aerial yoga, because of gravity and suspension, the body creates space without forming any compression. The best part of Aerial Yoga is that it focuses on joint relief and targets the joint’s pressure. 

How To Hang Your Aerial Yoga Swing

Hang the yoga silk ropes over a beam, use the loops that are present in the ropes that come with aerial yoga silk/hammock. Take a carabiner and hook it onto the loop of the end of the rope, then take the rope and drape it over the pull bar; this will allow both ends to hang at an equal distance from each other. 

The yoga trapeze should be hung at a distance of 55 inches from the carabiners. 

Hooks and straps must be inserted and removable 24″ to 32″ (60 cm to 80 cm). (Be sure to place a cloth over the beam where the daisy chain is attached, as the straps can wear out, which without this cloth can cause errors.)

Just a heads up! 

Do not hang your Yoga Trapeze on a push-mounted chin-up bar (the usual screwless kind). Do not hang your harness from a beam or branch that has not undergone a professional weight test. When in doubt, refrain from using it; please do not turn around or use it only as a suspension trainer (with your feet on the ground).

How To Hang Yoga Swing From Pull Up Bar
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Answers To Some More Questions About Aerial Yoga

How do You hang a swing from a pull-up bar?

All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned steps, and you will be able to hang a swing from the pull-up bar.

How do you hang a yoga swing?

You hang a Yoga swing with the help of Carabiners and hooks.

How do you hang a Yoga Trapeze in a doorway?

You hang a trapeze in the doorway with hooks and Carabiners. 

How do you hang a yoga swing indoors?

You hang a yoga Swing indoors by using hooks, pull-up bars, carabiners, etc.; just follow the above-mentioned steps, and you are good to go. 

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Aerial Yoga is Awesome!

I hope this article has given you all the ammunition you need to hang your yoga swing from pull up bar and start doing aerial yoga. Believe me, it will be a transformative experience for you! Go forth and conquer with confidence, and give us a shout out to all those who are looking for a similar tutorial or guide on how to go about learning and practicing aerial yoga.

Also, please share pics of your poses so that others can benefit from your learnings.

Happy Yoga!