YiP Certificate Training

Be a more effective instructor. Teach and receive connection.

Realize the possibility of being a powerful yoga instructor and influencer through  YiP Certificate Training. This 8 hour online course gives you the unique skills to teach students safely in outdoor settings. 

You'll also learn how to attract and retain students by using specific language and strategies to make connecting with your students simple.  

Every segment includes assignments so that you can put what you're learning into practice.   

AND you'll have exclusive unlimited access to the private network of peers and YiP leaders via the YiP Certificate Training Facebook Group.

We believe that this training is so vital that we'll give you a 30% raise upon completion if you are a YiP instructor.

You don't need to be a YiP Instructor to benefit

Even if you're not a YiP instructor, you'll still gain valuable knowledge that will lead to more connection, happier students and more money! 

  • Make more money
  • Learn how to teach outdoors safely and effectively
  • Set yourself apart with specialized psychologically proven instruction techniques that improve your students' experience