Why Do Schools Not Allow Yoga Pants?

Yoga In School

Many American schools have tried to ban or control the usage of Yoga pants in recent years. Do they have a genuine reason, or is it just orthodoxy? Let’s take a look. One tweet and the whole internet went crazy! Though this is very common, this tweet showed the orthodox side of the education system … Read more

Can You Wear Yoga Pants Horseback Riding?

Yoga Pants in Horseback Riding

Can you wear yoga pants horseback riding? Are they comfortable, or do they become too tight to wear while riding a horse? Let us find out!. Every sport demands a unique attire. As horse riding is a sports activity, it requires you to wear special apparel that is suited for sitting on a horse for … Read more

Can Bouncing On A Yoga Ball Break Your Water?

Can Birthing ball break water

Want to try the yoga ball during your pregnancy? Can bouncing on a yoga ball break your water? Let’s see if a Birthing Ball is a right choice for you. Pregnancy is perhaps the happiest news for a mother-to-be. Once the test is positive, then begins the nine months-long journey to motherhood. Tonnes of queries … Read more

Can You Do Yoga With Mono? Does It Hurt Or Help?

Yoga With Mono

If you are recovering from Mono, there is a great chance you are lethargic and sluggish. So can you do Yoga with Mono? Let’s find out. Have you been suffering from fatigue, sore throat, muscular soreness, etc. waking up each morning for your daily exercise routine seems to take up all your energy? Have you … Read more

How Accurate is Fitbit Yoga?

Fitbit Yoga

Fitbit are one of the few devices that can track yoga. But how accurate is Fitbit Yoga? And how can you use Fitbit yoga properly? Read on to know more. Using Fitbit is an excellent way of monitoring your yoga activity. But in reality, many people find it unusual when we talk about Fitbit and … Read more