Can You Use A Yoga Mat For A Puzzle

If you love puzzles, you need a mat to do them on. But can you use a yoga mat for a puzzle? Why yes, you can! Read on to know more. 

Most of us enjoy jigsaw puzzles. But it can be challenging to keep track of all those tiny pieces. If you have a huge puzzle, you can get a mat to do it on. 

But what if you do not have a puzzle mat? Well, you can get creative and find some other material to function as a puzzle mat. So can you use a yoga mat for a puzzle mat? Let’s find out! 

Can You Use A Yoga Mat For A Puzzle
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Can You Use a Yoga Mat as a Puzzle Mat?

Keep All The Pieces In One Place

Do you love jigsaw puzzles but always make a mess of the pieces on the floor? Your yoga mat is the answer to these troubles! If you have a yoga mat, roll it out on the floor, dump all your puzzle pieces on the mat and use it as a base to put your puzzle together. Having a mat helps you keep the puzzle flat and prevents the parts from scattering across the floor. 

Pause & Restart Your Puzzle Easily

Yoga mats make great puzzle mats also for another reason. While they give you enough space to spread your puzzle pieces, you can also use the mat to keep your jigsaw puzzle intact. If you are doing a giant puzzle, you will probably not finish it in one go. 

If the puzzle pieces are arranged over a yoga mat, you can remove the stray bits and roll the mat tightly. Store it in a bag or secure the yoga mat roll with a strap

When ready to start the jigsaw puzzle again, carefully take out the mat and lay it on the ground. The puzzle will remain intact, and no piece will be out of place. 

Can You Use A Yoga Mat For A Puzzle
Photograph: Canva Stock Photo

What Can I Use for a Puzzle Mat?

You can use any rollable mat for your jigsaw puzzle. But make sure that you have straps to secure the mat as otherwise the pieces will scatter, and you will have to start again. 

There are various puzzle mats that you can buy at stores or online. But take a look at these DIY ideas that are fun to try and relatively cost-effective as well. 

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Yoga Mat

An old yoga mat is the best alternative to a puzzle mat. If you bought a yoga mat hoping to complete daily workouts, but haven’t used it yet, turn it into a puzzle mat! Yoga mats are ideal for jigsaw puzzles because they have the right amount of firmness. 

You can lay a yoga mat on the floor or even on a table and comfortably arrange your puzzle pieces. As mentioned before, yoga mats usually have straps to secure them when rolled. Thus yoga mats are perfect for keeping your half-finished puzzle picture intact. 

Floor Mat

If you do not have a yoga mat, you can use a floor mat to arrange your puzzle pieces. Now, a floor mat may not be as smooth as a yoga mat. Choose one that has an even surface so that you can lay all the puzzle pieces flat. 

Thicker floor mats make great puzzle mats. They can be rolled out quickly and are suitable for small puzzles. Floor mats are usually rollable but do not come with any bag to store them in or straps to secure the rolls. 

If you are using a floor mat as a puzzle mat, invest in some velcro straps. The straps can hold the mat, once it is rolled. 

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Soft Display Board

Do you remember those display boards at school where you could pin papers? You can use them for puzzles! The smooth but firm surface is excellent for arranging all the jigsaw puzzle pieces. 

While a soft display board is not exactly a puzzle mat, it is great for completing a puzzle in one sitting. You can put a rug or any even, rollable material on top if you wish to store your puzzle for a later time. 

Wooden Board or Plank

Completing a jigsaw puzzle on the bed can cause severe back pain. But if you don’t have enough floor space or a table, a bed might be your only option. To make it easier, you can keep a wooden board or a plank over your bed. 

The plank or board will function almost as a table. You can lay a yoga mat on top if you want to roll up the puzzle. You can also do the entire puzzle on the board itself. 

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Do Puzzle Rolling Mats Work?

If you are a fan of big and complex jigsaw puzzles, then a rolling puzzle mat is the best accessory for you! The reason why puzzle rolling mats work is that you can easily roll up half-done puzzles. 

Choose a puzzle mat that is made out of smooth felt. It will be easier for you to arrange the puzzle. Puzzle rolling mats are similar to yoga mats. They can be rolled and then secured with a strap. Store the half-done puzzle for as long as you want. 

When you roll out the mat again, you will find that every puzzle piece is right where it’s supposed to be. 

Puzzle mats usually come with three straps and a tube container where they can be stored. Puzzle mats save space and help you keep the floor or bed clean while doing a puzzle. 

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How Do You Turn a Puzzle Mat Into a Floor Mat?

If you can use a floor mat as a puzzle mat, the opposite is true as well! Puzzle mats are usually made out of felt so that they feel very comfortable under your feet. 

To turn your puzzle mat into a floor mat, cut it into a convenient size. Since felt is usually available in solid colors, you can create a patterned covering for the mat if you want. 

If you already have floor rugs, you can use the puzzle mat to make felt rug pads. These help to keep the carpets in place and also make them soft and plush. 

You Can Use Almost Any Rollable Mat For A Puzzle, Including A Yoga Mat

A rollable mat is a must for all your extensive and exciting puzzles. If you have got one at home, nothing like it.

Refer to this article whenever you need an alternative for your puzzle mats. Share the information with others and comment below with your creative puzzle mat ideas, along with pictures!