Can You Do Yoga With Mono? Does It Hurt Or Help?

If you are recovering from Mono, there is a great chance you are lethargic and sluggish. So can you do Yoga with Mono? Let’s find out.

Have you been suffering from fatigue, sore throat, muscular soreness, etc. waking up each morning for your daily exercise routine seems to take up all your energy? Have you lost interest in food altogether?

If these episodes, combined with an on and off fever, seem to be haunting you for more than a month, it’s time to visit the doctor. Chances are, you have “Kissing disease“!!

Sounds romantic? I assure you it isn’t. We know Kissing Disease better as Mononucleosis or Mono in short. Caused by the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), it is a highly contagious infection. Though the virus belongs to the Herpes family, you do not need to be alarmed yet.

No, Mono isn’t a drastically bad situation if detected soon enough.

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Detect Mono Sooner

As mentioned above, the infection is also called Kissing Disease, and that’s for a reason. Mononucleosis is easily transmitted through saliva. 

So, in addition to kissing, physical intimacy, sharing cutleries, food and drinks can also transfer the virus. In that case, how do you know if you are infected with Mono? 

Detecting Mono at its earliest is easy if you can answer a few simple questions.

  • Are you skipping your regular morning exercise routine?
  • Are you always having joint pain and body ache?
  • Are your lymph nodes swollen?
  • Is your sore throat a constant presence for weeks?
  • Do you keep getting a fever on and off all the time?
  • Have you lost your appetite?
  • Are all these symptoms present for over a month?

If you have checked yes for all these questions, is it time to get yourself tested? There is a chance that you have Mononucleosis or better known as Glandular Fever. A Complete Blood Count Test and Antibody test are carried out for a final diagnosis. 

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Treating Mono the Right Way

The key to recovering from Mononucleosis is proper treatment. So, how is Mono treated?

To begin with, it is best not to opt for self medications and pick over-the-counter antibiotics. Self-treatment can be even more harmful, hence you should visit a doctor at the earliest.

The medications that your doctor will prescribe, will be combined with a list of guidelines to follow at home. The most important of these are taking rest and maximizing your fluid intake.

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Recovering From Mono

Loss of energy and extreme lethargy are common after effects of Mono. Chances are, you probably look like a depressed soul. However, the best way to recover is to get up and move.

Yes, you heard it right!

Activities like light yoga, walk etc., increase your hormone production, thus making you feel happier and more energetic. Compliment your physical activities with lots of fluid and good nutritional intake. Within days, you are sure to be back to your older self.

Can You Do Yoga With Mono?

A very common question that most Mono affected people have is about doing yoga or exercising while suffering from Mono. Practically speaking, the fever, body ache, extreme lethargy, and weakness makes it difficult even to move the body around, let alone exercise.

Light Yoga Can Help

However, once the infection is detected and you begin with the treatment, you can start with light yoga. Yes, you heard it right. You can do yoga when you are in the recovery phase. However, you shouldn’t start with yoga or exercises the very next day of starting the medications.

Give yourself some time to heal. Let your body regain a part of the strength, and then you can start with a light warm-up. Stretching your muscles and bones during yoga will help in reducing the swelling and joint pain faster. Plus, your lethargy will disappear more quickly.

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Yoga Enhances Metabolism

Performing yoga during recovery from Mono increases metabolism. Faster your metabolism, better the calorie burn is, and thus your appetite is back again!

Yoga is different from regular exercises. If you are in the early stage of recovery from Mono, cycling, lifting weights, running, skipping, etc., are too strenuous for the body to do yet. Keep those heavy-duty body movements for when you have completely recovered.

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Answers To More Questions About Mono And Yoga

Can you exercise when you have Mono?

Heavy exercises are not a good idea during recovery. One must ensure to rest for the first few days to gain strength and stability in the body. 

Why can’t you exercise when you have Mono?

One of the main reasons for being unable to exercise when you have Mono is the weakness in your body. Due to loss of appetite, constant fever, and sore throat, there is a marked deterioration of physical well being. You probably will not have sufficient energy to even run down the stairs, let alone exercise. 

What can I not do with Mono?

High intensity exercises, running on the treadmill, cycling, etc., is a strict no during the first few days. Absolute bed rest with ample hydration is the key to faster recovery.

Can you do weight lifting with Mono?

Lifting weights is not advisable if you are suffering from Mono. Your body is too weak to handle extreme exertion. Leave such heavy routines for post-recovery. After all, you do not want to have a blackout amidst such a serious workout in such a weak state!

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Yoga Is Perhaps The Only Exercise You Can Do With Mono

Once you know you have Mono it’s time to get a few things clear. First and foremost, speak to a doctor and get proper treatment. Second, rest it out a few days, keep yourself hydrated and ensure that you are consuming nutritional food. You will be surprised to know that there are cases where Mono infected individuals are completely asymptomatic themselves.

Once your are en route to recovery, post your treatment, take out your yoga mat and start flexing those stiff muscles and bones. Even at the stage of recovery, start with only light yoga asanas and postures. Shift to your normal routine of exercising only once you have completely recovered.